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Truth About Salt #2

After still seeing so many questions, claims, and confusion about this hot topic - Salt - I’d like to further clarify a few things.

Of course, there are “health properties” to salt; after all, it comes from the earth and is part of the natural world; no question.

Our oceans and seas consist of beautiful salts… Indeed, swimming in those bodies of water is amazing and yes, we absorb the saltiness through our skin…

However, swimming in the ocean and ingesting salt internally is not the same thing. Would U drink a cup (or even a sip) of that seawater after your swim?


People defend all those “healthy salts” saying they’re better than table salt. It’s true in the sense that table salt is far more processed and stripped of nutrients as opposed to those “better for U” salts; but that’s not the point.

The point is the way salt is used these days, why it is used, and the ACCUMULATIVE AFFECT it has on the body in the LONG TERM.


Claim #1 - Salt helps in hydration and electrolytes replenishment


It’s true that salt is a very efficient agent to use in cases of dehydration because of the high concentration of electrolytes it contains. That’s why it’s a quick fix in CASES OF EMERGENCY.

But to claim that the body needs (rock) salt in order to live or to make it a staple because it is used in emergency cases is upside down and beyond.

Here’s the vicious cycle - most people are extremely dehydrated on a cellular level as a result of consuming unnatural, cooked, dehydrating foods and beverages for years after years.

To aid that systemic dehydration they might add salt to their water or other artificial electrolytes because hey, they do have their benefits (at least in the short run).

But if that person continues to consume the very things that cause dehydration in the first place, dehydration will only continue to set in deeper and deeper… That pinch of salt in your water is merely a tiny bandage on a gushing wound…

If anything, ingesting salt on a continuous basis, when the body is already dehydrated interstitially, brings about calcification of joints, kidney stones, hardening of arteries, and declining health.


Claim #2 - Salt helps maintain healthy digestion:


Some claim that salt aids digestion… Again, this might be true because there are some medicinal properties to salt but the question is WHY are there digestive issues in the first place??

When consuming the food that was designed for the human organism (fruits and tender leafy greens), there are no digestion issues whatsoever that would require different aids; all of which have an accumulative effect, leading the human organism to slowly deteriorate.


Claim #3 - Salt is a naturally occurring substance. Some animals search for it and lick it.


True that… However, who came up with the idea that if something exists, it automatically means we are meant to ingest it? 🤔


Do U or would U lick salt off the ground?


Claim #4 - the body needs sodium and other essential minerals found in salt.


True, but only partly true… and a half-truth is still a lie.


Take coffee and caffeine for example… Although coffee is a beautiful, natural plant, coffee (as a drink) and caffeine are not the same as the plant that bears the coffee bean fruit and its potential health properties.

The same applies to the vast difference between rock salt and naturally occurring sodium and other minerals which we find in abundance in fresh fruits, leafy greens, and seaweeds - in just the perfect combination, ratios, and divine chemistry.

The body ALWAYS favors complete chemistry. It utilizes and runs on naturally occurring sodium and other minerals we find in those heavenly fruits and greens, which also contain perfectly structured water; the winning combination for your human bio-suit.

Although salt is a naturally occurring crystal, it’s still an inorganic rock that doesn’t carry the complete chemistry the body thrives on.

Because it’s highly concentrated, ingesting salt (any kind of salt) is like ingesting caffeine - it’s a stimulant. And just like using any other stimulants, in the long run, it has major implications.


Salt might have its place in very specific applications; I’m not denying the fact it serves a purpose WHEN needed. But the reason it’s needed to begin with is that most people's bodies are so off at this stage of the game… so salt is used as a bandage, never to address what’s actually going on…


Many ancient traditions referred to salt as medicine - a very CONCENTRATED and POTENT substance to use for SPECIFIC applications.

Do U sprinkle cough medicine on your salad or add it to your soup on a regular basis?


I would guess not.


The use of salt (and many other substances/spices/herbs) has been taken completely out of context - it’s been twisted all around by being turned into a culinary staple and a habitual, everyday thing people consume without even thinking twice.

Nowadays, salt is primarily used to give flavor to foods that were never designed to be consumed in the first place. U would never eat those foods if it wasn’t for the salt (and other condiments) added to them.

People get hooked and addicted to those foods and food products because of the added salt; take the salt out and they wouldn’t want to eat it. (Yes, even the “healthy” products in your “health food” store and raw vegan cafe).

If U don’t truly In-Joy certain foods WITHOUT using salt, then it might not be the food for U since you’re only masking it with the added salt (or other condiments).


That’s the indicator - can U eat it AND In-Joy it in its simple, natural, unprocessed form?


Give salt to a child (before their taste buds have been conditioned and destroyed) - they will never want to ingest it. However, they will gladly eat and savor the fruits 👌


So basically, salt numbs the taste buds while creating havoc on the body.


Salt is one of the greatest addictions in our society; it’s a silent killer and can be linked to many different dis-eases because the long-term use of salt destroys our main elimination channels - kidneys, colon, and skin. It damages the adrenal glands which over time, weakens the nervous system.


Craving salt only means your adrenals are weak which causes poor mineral utilization (making U crave more salt), imbalances in sodium/potassium levels, weak nerve impulses, and other physical/neurological implications.


The human body doesn’t deteriorate because of aging; that is one major falsehood.

It declines and deteriorates through the years because of the way people live, the unnatural foods and substances they consume, the improper way of addressing ailments and symptoms, and overall forgetfulness and disconnection from the natural, divine design.


We basically have a society of drug addicts who are convicted these drugs are absolutely necessary to maintain Life…


It’s all based on intellectual propaganda.


The amount of defensiveness and opposition these salt posts have been getting is merely a testament to how rampant salt addiction is in our world.


Drug addicts defend their drug of choice with many different justifications just so they can continue their use. They’ll probably even give U scientific data showing why this drug is actually very beneficial 😂


And btw, calling something an addiction isn’t an insult; it’s just calling it what it is… nothing personal ✌️


Then one day U may realize that all those justifications (alongside the substance) were slowly moving U in the direction of ill health.


I have seen it and continue to see it time and time again…


Why wait to get to that point?


Getting to the root cause of all those minor and/or major issues in your body by properly cleaning house will free U from those unnecessary dependencies…


With patience and perseverance, your adrenals will become stronger, your taste buds will come back to their natural state, and you’ll be free of the salt craving/addiction. (and many other cravings)


In the meantime, if U must have your fix (I totally get it), use things like kelp or dulse (seaweeds).

Pure (organic) Celery juice on an empty stomach each day or a few times a week is also very, very helpful and beneficial.

Lots of tomatoes and cucumbers for sodium and parsley to strengthen your adrenals and kidneys… 👌


For the best salt substitute I’ve come across, check out Green Salt - it’s basically dehydrated sea asparagus; nothing else.


And most importantly, keep it juicy and go jump in that salty ocean 🐬🌞🍉🍇💪🏻


Blessings be upon U.


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