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Pam Ravare

" In 2016 I was diagnosed with Lupus, within a year of diagnosis I was on low-dose chemo, steroids daily along with 17 other pharmaceutical drugs.  I was no longer able to even go outside during the day, due to my severe reaction to the sun.  I was so so sick.  Every doctor’s visit resulted in another drug to help mask the symptoms and provide relief and I still remained in constant pain.  My life had become a story book filled with misery, inflammation and a grossly and rapidly diminishing quality of life.  I just felt like, this CANNOT be my life now.  I knew if I didn’t do something to take the lead on getting to the root of my constant dis ease that I would be disabled or dead soon. 

I’m my quest for help, I stumbled across Noa and an invitation to join a solid food vacation.  The words she shared on paper spoke of regenerative health, and although I didn’t have a clue what that meant, it resonated with me.  Although terrified, I decided to embark on a 30 day solid food vacation (SFV).  Everyone, including me, thought I was crazy, but I knew I had to do something different. 

I have over the course of 18 months, completed three different SFV with Noa, with the most recent being a 90 day “Juicy Island” getaway!  What I’ve learned has been amazing.  It’s been a life altering experience for me.  I have no doubt that God led me to Noa.  She has helped lead me to the true light.  I’ve gained so much clarity, mindfulness and HEALING! 

After my very first SFV, I was able to get off of ALL of the 17 medications that I took daily.  With her coaching, I have learned about all the harmful things and toxins that I had been exposing my body to my entire life.  Noa coached me on how to clean up my gut, how to get rid of and reduce the toxic levels of acidosis in my body and how to properly detox those toxins out.  In return, I’ve gained way more than I could ever give back. 

Noa has poured out her heart and soul on this journey with me and the others in the groups that I’ve joined.  She is a true angel on this earth.  I believe many are called, but Noa has been chosen for this season to help shed light and bring natural healing to a dying and sick world.  A true Pioneer and healer that from experience, is sharing the truth. 

I could go on and on about ALL the many benefits of partnering with Noa on my healing journey, but I’ll end it by saying this, the knowledge I’ve gained, the regenerative and transformative health that I’ve gained, the mental clarity, the vitality and new found energy I’ve gained has been PRICELESS and I could never in a million years pay enough for all I’ve received in return.  I got my health back, I’m a completely different person, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Thanks a MILLION Noa!"


Jennifer Collins

"Well...I can easily tell you that you have done your job and done it well. I am in such an incredibly better situation today than I was when we had our first conversation 12 short weeks ago. The thought of getting off the couch and taking a shower was overwhelming back then. I am now back to my on-the-go self as of this week. And great timing seeing as how I've been thrown back into a "caretaker" position. I'm much better suited for it now and have also acquired the wisdom to know that I must also take care of myself too. I have the tools needed to put that wisdom into action thanks to you. My life looks very different from many angles than it did such a short time ago. In all ways - physically, mentally, and spiritually. It's truly amazing what a couple of months can do. 

I was skeptical but it all seemed to come together so nicely. Your knowledge and guidance were entirely instrumental. Could never have navigated this whole new world without you. And it's just the beginning of my journey in it. Thank you to the moon and back for all the support you have given me. I know I bombarded you with a ton of questions and some doubts. You were always there, responsive and honest.

This is not a farewell note because I hope to keep in contact as I have come to love you as a friend. And my family is not done with your services either. We will be summoning you again in the next few months for your wisdom and guidance on getting my baby girl ready for her best life. "


Aaron Michael Pyne

"I was BLESSED with the opportunity for a VIP 21 body detox~reset~RECREATION with Noa Lakshmi!

I was going through some major changes in all areas of my life and it felt like the perfect time to clear out anything holding me back, so I seized the opportunity to work with Noa. She guided me with her extensive wisdom, knowledge, and experience through the process of using her recommended high-quality herbal detox kit and specific food guidelines (organic, vibrant foods) for my optimal cleanse. It was a powerful process!

With my super busy life, I couldn’t have managed it without her support and guidance. She was there with delicious preparations of everything I needed to eat to clear my system out and sustain myself through it. She made amazing smoothies, fruit bowls, and salads to sustain me and keep my body clearing out. There were many intense emotional releases of childhood traumatic patterns and patterns around emotional eating that she lovingly supported me through. It was a powerful journey physically, mentally, and emotionally of deep purification that I knew was necessary for my own personal growth, expansion, health, and happiness.

Noa’s support through all the levels was INVALUABLE!  Without her guidance and support, I couldn’t have completed the process properly. I am now feeling more clear, more energetic, more healthy, and more vibrant! It’s changed my eating habits, view on food, and eating style for the better! I also feel more energized, clearer mentally, more vibrant, and more excited about everything in life!

If you are ready to step into a greater version of yourself connect with Noa ASAP!!"


Dylan Etherington 

 When I first read what it is you were offering I was starting week ten of my fourteen-week-long Dr. Morse detox protocol and your 30-day SFV aligned itself perfectly with the final 30 days of this period.  

First and foremost what I received from you is an example of what it feels like to be shown unconditional love and support from a total stranger which was very inspiring.  I don’t think I’ve experienced such authenticity from a professional container like this in the past.  To be offered your insights for the price you asked for is testimony to your desire to help those around you.  

As I mentioned in our last call a lot of dots have been connected for me on many levels over this past month on a combined physical, mental and spiritual plane.  I’ve gained a greater understanding of how this vehicle of mine operates and how I need to care for it in order to obtain optimum physical wellness.  I’ve felt what it means to release stagnant energy trapped in the body since childhood or even earlier.  And I’ve grown closer to trusting in my own intuitive powers to be my own healer.  

For me, this past month has been the difference between considering why my summer of detoxification hadn’t lived up to my expectations to using my newfound energy and inspiration to actively seeking out my next move and delve deeper into the world of healing and self-inquiry.  I have so much gratitude to you, Noa, for guiding us all on this journey with such openness and honesty. 

This has been my biggest catalyst for development in the past 18 months and I have you to thank for that!  May you continue to shine that light for us all.


Janine Stanley

"I just completed 30 days of SFV guided by Noa in a group container. Wow, what a Life-changing experience. I have so much more energy, more love for my body, more connection with myself, and a different view on life and food. I found doing it in a group setting very valuable, I felt extra supported and encouraged.. very high vibe! People are commenting on the difference they can see and asking about what I am doing. I honestly could not have done it without the guidance from Noa and the knowledge and practices she shared so generously and graciously. I would do it again in a heartbeat and of course, I highly recommend it to anyone."


Joe Brachocki

"When I first spoke with Noa about her program, I made it clear to her that I was not looking for another coach. I wanted to become less reliant on outside sources and more reliant on myself to generate safety, joy, and growth. And sure enough, her offering lived up to its name in ways I could not have imagined. 

On the physical level, I lost 25 pounds and have continued to lose since the program ended. I lost a ton of emotional weight as I faced deep wounds that I couldn't even see before and released them. As a result, I was able to take responsibility for disconnection from people in my life and become closer to those I love. I truly got access to my own wisdom that allowed me to break through in both relationships and business.

Throughout the process, Noa showed up more than she promised. She was extremely responsive in the Facebook group and went above and beyond to make sure we all had the support we needed. As we released toxins from our bodies and released the difficult emotions we'd been storing for decades, it was so nice to have such an amazing, supportive, loving environment created by Noa. As we allowed ourselves to feel all the muck knowing we had that support, we all stepped into a higher level of power. 

Now that the program is over, I truly do feel like I experienced an upgrade. I have more clarity of what my Truth is in all areas of my life. I have more energy. I have more connection and love. I have more health. And, the biggest result of all, my habits have completely changed. I am more focused. I'm eating smaller portions with sustained energy. And I'm operating from my heart with my mind following its lead for once. The self-mastery I attained is a sustainable one as I feel I achieved a new level I will never go back from. I couldn't recommend giving yourself this gift enough."


Sherrie Austin

“Noa, you have really helped shape my life with the cleanse earlier this year and I am continuing to be vegan, decaf coffee and alcohol-free and really doing much better. I know I was a pain in the ass and you showed me compassion and love the whole way. I will never forget it."


Marie Maltais

“I greatly appreciated Noa's guidance during the 30-day Juicing Journey.  As a Certified Dr. Morse Regenerative Detoxification Specialist and her deep intuition, she is able to recommend specific tools and with her rich experience in this field, she always shares a specific resource that will assist and support us going forward. 

Her refined listening skills and awareness has her suggest exactly what we need during the weekly Zoom calls. I totally trusted Noa's expertise, felt completely supported, and felt that I could share authentically without being judged throughout this journey. 

I will definitely be repeating this experience as it was Life-changing on all levels and I wish to pursue my transformation.

Words cannot do justice to my experience.  I am infinitely grateful for all I received in this container!”


Matt Beiler

“My experience participating in Revitalize 2021 exceeded my Hope's and I found working with Noa Locksmi and the group of committed participants to be so empowering on my journey to 'wellville '.  The best way I know to describe Noa is as a fountain of Life who is incredibly compassionate but always ready to challenge you to the next level of where you currently are. My biggest takeaway from this 8-week journey was gaining the confidence and courage to go on a longer dry fast and thereby face the fears that have sabotaged my journey for too long. I can't thank Noa and the group enough and hope that I can experience more in the future!!”


Totem Lyons

"Deep gratitude to my dear friend who is also one of the most inspiring teachers in my life... Thank you for taking me on one of the best rides of my adult life!!

Mahalo great spirit for sending me such a great force of true inspiring GuiDance when I needed it the most!! you were there to support and guide me thru one of the biggest shifts of my journey here on earth! the wisdom and the tools I received from your Amazing Path to SELF MASTERY you created is BEyond what I can put into words... 

My BirthDay this cycle was an absolute REBIRTH like you said it would be: I'm feeling empowered and so clear about ME!! and this is only the beginning !!! 40 days to Self Mastery has changed my life forever.

From feeling the best I felt in my own body maybe for the first time in my life, to feeling so grounded, centered, and connected to my heart and my truth ~*~ Noa you are a true Beacon of very wise light

I'm ready to embark on this magnificent delicious journey with everything I've gained from your extraordinary gifts!!!! MAHALOOOOO beautiful sister, teacher of Love!"


Vicky Henderson

"Working with Noa on Detoxing and Cellular Regeneration has been a beautiful gift to receive.  

My body, mind, and spirit experienced shifts on deeper levels of connection, expanded on new levels of awareness and my health improved on many levels, getting to the core (root) of some mental, physical, and emotional health challenges.

I have learned so much about my health and body and discovered new ways of supporting myself through the healing benefits of taking Solid Food Vacations, fasting, and loving and respecting myself more. Creating change is never easy, and I still have a long way to go but working with you Noa has been a beautiful beginning to better wellness and greater health. I highly recommend your professionalism and passion to anyone who is wanting to heal and expand their vitality and health on so many levels.  

What a gift. Thank you."


Kristina DaSilva

"It’s been an amazing journey connecting with thyself through the inner workings of our food intake. The emotions that are harbored behind our habits and conditioning around food. Becoming more attuned with listening to our bodies is the ultimate self healing modality we have access to. Yet it is within societies conditioning to search outside our bodies for a pharmaceutical fix or ingest processed food for instant gratification. People like Noa carry the gift of that message to look within and gift your body properly. Using a very powerful process, from personal experience, that was led by Noa called, “regenerative detoxification”. 

A little over a year ago I met Noa through an online community as I went into my very first 3 day water fast. Fast forward to 2021, I moved to Hawaii with what was being treated with antibiotics at the time were swollen lymph nodes in my throat. The third time I was back in the ER unsure of what was wrong with my throat I got the phone call from a divine sister, Noa! At that moment the doctors had already given me two rounds of antibiotics and steroids, a CT scan of the neck, and negative strep throat tests. They suggested for me to be seen by an ENT doctor and possible biopsy or removal of my tonsils. As I ended my call with Noa in the ER room, I kindly told them thank you and left the ER. That week I went deeper in my soul than I had ever gone. I fasted for 7 days and on the 6th day my swelling was gone. Our bodies are extremely intelligent and it's our birth right to listen to it.

The next chapter of this was stepping into the Re-vitalize group immersion. This group not only changed my life but impacted those around me in such a positive way. I was able to learn so much from Noa and her support is one of a kind. Her devotion to healing people collectively is something I hadn’t truly witnessed firsthand before.

The level of attentiveness she provided for each of us was deeply felt. My mind, body, and soul thank you for all of it. This is something I will carry with me for life. It literally restructured the frequency and vibrations of my cells. I now have a deeper connection to my body because of it. First time I ever truly invested in my health at this magnitude.

Bless your life, dear sister! 


Kami Jensen

"I recently completed my cleanse journey with the beautiful Noa Lakshmi, and I have to say it was Life changing for me on every level. This journey cleansed my entire being; physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. It awakened Self Love for all of my being and restored connection with my body, mind, and spirit. Through this journey, it brought peace where there was once only war. War with my body, my thoughts, my mind, my actions. This was only the beginning, the perfect reset I was desiring to clear out all the old junk in every realm, to cleanse, heal and restore, to journey on in health and live at a higher vibration.

Thank you, Noa Love, for the beacon of light that you are in this world! I Love you!"

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