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Health Upgrade Consultations

My approach to health is wholistic and based on true naturopathy,

utilizing simple and natural purification tools to help the body return to its natural and vital state. As a cellular regeneration specialist, I work beyond modern naturopathy by focusing on the body’s lymphatic system, endocrine system, master glands, CNS/ANS, and getting the main elimination pathways open and clear to allow the body to clean itSelf optimally. 

These sessions are designed to give U broader and deeper innerstanding of your overall health, the core causes of any health issues (from minor to major), and how to properly address them so you can begin to purify your body in a proper way and as a result, experience more vitality and TRUE wellbeing.

U will receive integrative and practical solutions to your overall well-being - Body, mind, and Soul by looking at and addressing genetic weaknesses, current health conditions, food choices, Lifestyle habits, potential traumas, and emotions.


This is a 60-min session in which we go over your detailed health intake. Post session, U will receive various living food recipes and recommended food intake guidelines U can easily follow.

Basic+  Health Upgrade Session.png

This is a 75-min session and includes everything from the basic session PLUS your recommended individualized herbal protocol and other essential tools to incorporate into your Life.

Full Health Upgrade Session with iridology reading.png

This is a 90-min session in which we go over your detailed health intake and eye photos (to be submitted prior to our session). Based on your state of health and individualized needs, U will receive recommended food intake guidelines, recommended herbal protocol, various living food recipes, and other practical and essential suggestions to incorporate and follow.

SFV (Solid Food Vacation) consultation 

U want to start your own juice adventure but have so many questions… 

  How to prepare for an extended SFV

  • What juices to drink and how much juice a day

  • What’s the best juicer to use

  • Do I need to take herbs

  • What to expect

  • How to go about detox symptoms

  • What to do about cravings

  • How to stay committed when I have so many temptations around me…

  • How long should I juice for

  • How to properly transition out of a SFV


In this 60-min session, I will answer all of your questions and give U both general and personalized guidelines to ensure the most effective SFV experience. U will receive various juice recipes to In-Joy on your juicy adventure & other practical tools to incorporate into your Life.

What is Iridology?

Your iris fibers tell a story of your body’s cellular strengths and weaknesses, starting with your inherent patterns given to you by your parents as well as the condition of the lymphatic system. Iridology is simply the study of the iris of the eyes, as it relates to cellular weaknesses (genetics) and the levels of acidosis and toxic accumulation in the body. Iridology is practiced worldwide and dates back over 500 years. 

“Every cell in your body reflects itself through the autonomic nervous system to the central nervous system (brain) and optic nerves. As tissues become weakened and congested (acids), changes occur in the fibers of the iris. The iris fibers (the trabecula) have been mapped out correspondingly to the related tissues in the body. By observing these fibers, changes, and the colors in the iris, we can analyze your body's strength, weaknesses, and degrees of stagnation within the great lymphatic system.”

- Dr. Robert Morse ND

Why Iridology is the best way to innerstand the conditions of the body’s organs and cells from a wholistic approach?

 “While there are many ways of trying to determine bodily conditions, such as hair analysis, the SMA test, urinalysis, fecal analysis, blood analysis, etc., we do not find anyone that gives a more complete picture of the WHOLE situation than the science of iridology. Rather than being a one-sided analysis looking at an isolated factor, iridology gives us a more complete way of looking into the body. 

When using the information available through the iris, we find that we have one of the most complete forms of analysis available. We can see the unity of every organ working in concerted action with all other organs. 

It is helpful to remember that the eye is an extension of the brain, that great biocomputer that monitors and controls the functions of the body. Its nerves, blood, and other fluids are directly or indirectly influenced by the brain's response to any abnormal condition of the body. When the science of Iridology is fully understood, a great advance will come about in the analysis of conditions that disrupt the health of the human body.” 

- Dr. Bernard Jensen

For ongoing support and immersive mentorship packages

Other available sessions:

Spiritual/Astrology based guidance

Soul Signature Session


Astrology has deep historical roots in science, medicine, and agriculture and provides invaluable insight into WHO U are and your chosen Soul’s journey in this Life. Since the dawn of time, man has used stars and planets for divination. Just as the Moon pulls on the ocean’s tides and the light of the Sun enables all Life on Earth to grow and flourish, the movements of the planets in our solar system relate to all earthly affairs, including U.

I utilize astrology as a tool to help U elevate yourSELF to new heights… By interpreting and decoding your birth chart, you’ll be shown your strengths and challenges, how to best navigate your current Life’s cycles, and the way to access your own unique and glorious human potential.

During our time together U will receive profound insights regarding your Soul's original intent for being here and practical tools to use in your Life in order to support your current evolution and spiritual development.

Seeing your Life through this expansive lens, U will gain a brand new perspective on who U (truly) are and a renewed sense of inspired motivation to take your Life to the next level; whatever that may be for U at this time.

U Will Leave the session with:

  • A deeper innerstanding of who U are and your unique purpose in Life.

  • Greater sense of compassion and Love for yourSELF.

  • A clear sense of direction based on your current Life cycles.

  • Enhanced awareness of any blind spots, unconscious patterns, and limiting beliefs about yourSELF and/or Life in general.

  • More SELF-empowerment and confidence to follow your true Soul’s guidance.

  • Practical tools to implement into your Life in order to support your current evolution and growth.

  • Essential key points to focus on - what’s the best course of action to take NOW in order to create your most fulfilling Life.

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