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What is Regenerative Healing
Cellular Regeneration

The alternative to “treatment-based” medicine is True Naturopathy.

This is the purest form of healing; a science of Nature, used for hundreds of years by people and instinctively by all animals. It restores health and vitality to our physical, emotional, mental, and energy bodies. Regenerative healing uses the science of chemistry, biochemistry, botanical science, physics, and nature’s “instinctive wisdom”. It does not “treat” a dis-ease or remove symptoms. It doesn’t even need to put a “name” on a dis-ease or condition. 


Our body has the amazing ability to heal itself, and “energy” is at the core of this healing. “Energy” or the “Destruction of Energy” results directly from what we eat, drink, breathe, put on our skin, and from what we think (positive/negative thoughts) and feel (suppressed/repressed emotions; stress, etc.). We are either building health and vitality or destroying them, causing sickness and weakness.

Although your body is a magnificent and complicated machine, keeping it healthy is really very simple, yet we spend such a large portion of our time and money trying to achieve it. There is no magic or mystery to health or dis-ease. Dis-ease is a natural process; it is the body’s attempt to rid itSelf of destructive waste.

I practice the work of Dr. Robert Morse (a renowned naturopathic healer). His successes with chronic and degenerative issues have been recognized worldwide. His expansive knowledge and experience are founded upon more than 45 years of working with many thousands of people from all over the world, helping them with only living foods (mainly fruits) and herbs to purify, regenerate, and restore their health.

Dr. Morse’s background as a biochemist has contributed to his unique innerstanding as a naturopathic healer. He has been able to break down complex matters concerning health into easier to innerstand concepts, offering a perspective on health and vitality that makes things finally fall into place, for many people, on a comprehensive level.


Dr. Robert Morse N.D

Dr. Morse defines “detoxification” as:

“The process of cleansing and alkalizing the body. The removal of obstructions (e.g., acids, mucus, parasites, chemicals, minerals, metals, thoughts, and emotions) that block energy and the proper function of cells and the individual. Detoxification is a necessary requirement in returning to vibrant health.”

Dr. Morse defines “regeneration” as:

“Rebuilding and strengthening the body through an alkaline medium with electrically ‘alive’ nutrients.“

True Purification, as a science, is based upon the laws and innerstanding of physics, chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy & physiology, and, within our core approach, also botanical science.

It is a journey of learning, SELF-exploration, letting go of fear and concealed emotions, overcoming non-beneficial habits and beliefs, passing through phases of significant eliminations (healing events), and incorporating other therapies to assist with the unique health challenges one is facing.

True purification doesn’t happen in just a week or two. Sometimes, depending on the severity of chronic or degenerative conditions, it can take months or years to restore and rebuild vibrant health.


True Naturopathy (regenerative healing) is a two-fold course of action with the aim of minimizing or (preferably) completely eradicating illness through the restoration of health, dynamic energy, and vitality:

  1. The alkalizing, energizing, and puification phase.

  2. The regeneration and rebuilding phase.


Key Factors:

  • Focusing on and addressing the great lymphatic system (the system responsible for the removal of waste in the body).

  • Uncovering and innerstanding the connection between the kidneys/adrenals and the lymphatic system.

  • Removing the concept of “dis-eases” and instead identifying and addressing the root CAUSE of health problems versus “treating symptoms”.

  • Addressing the build-up of cellular acidic wastes and the need to alkalize the body.

  • Revealing the connection between the glandular system and the body’s symptoms on ALL levels - physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Cleansing the gastrointestinal tract and recognizing the connection between the GI tract and the ENTIRE body.

  • Incorporating the art of fasting into one’s Life on a consistent basis.

  • Innerstanding the role of the parasite kingdom in our bodies.

  • Utilizing the science and practice of iridology to identify and pinpoint significant weaknesses.

  • Incorporating spirituality into the purification and regeneration process.

  • The advantage of using Nature’s botanical HERBS in a regenerative healing program. Herbs will greatly assist your body in addressing cellular weakness, moving the lymph system, cleansing the gastrointestinal tract, and supporting the glandular system. There are specific and powerful herbs used to cleanse, strengthen, and regenerate each of the organs, tissues, and glands.

  • The energy of “electrical” and “alive” raw organic fruits.

  • Consistently recognizing the importance of keeping things SIMPLE versus getting caught and trapped in theories and hyper-intellectualism.

  • Recognizing that every individual is at their own unique level and degree of health, awareness, and consciousness which all contribute to the healing process of body-mind-spirit.

Purification & Regeneration Foods

To initiate the process, we must first recognize what type of food will allow the most effective cellular regeneration. Fresh, raw fruits and leafy greens are the NUMBER ONE KEY to a high level of healing and regeneration. Coupling this type of living, alkaline chemistry with tissue-specific cellular botanicals (organic or wildcrafted herbs), we then kick things up a whole other notch thus achieving tremendous success as a result.

The SoTeria Foundation is built upon 4 essential pillars:

❂ Purification - Purifying all bodies (physical, emotional, mental, energetic) through holistic detoxification methods and the art of fasting.

❂ Regeneration - Regenerative restoration of the body all the way to the cellular level (and beyond).

❂ Illumination - Enhancing the light of consciousness within through Life-force cultivation practices and radical Self-Love.

❂ Liberation - Embodying and living in our Natural State, a state of unity, inner peace, supreme vitality, sovereignty, and divine Love, free of all physical and emotional-mental baggage.

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