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November 24th - December 2nd 2024

Join us for a Beauty-filled 8-day journey of purification, illumination, and a complete upgrade of your entire system.

Dive deep into your inner wellspring of vitality and joy and discover a way of living that allows your Life force energy to flow freely, nourishing every cell of your being.

This will be a rich experience where you'll rise higher in LOVE with your true SELF, leading U to a new sense of vitality and liberation.

We welcome U into a transformative journey of SELF-discovery… 


An initiation into higher levels of true nourishment and inner freedom. 


The Nectar of Life Immersion will be an all-fruit, illuminative purification experience.

Fresh fruits, young coconuts, cold-pressed juices, and delicious fruity creations.

We’ll be celebrating and BElighting in Mama Bali’s bounty! 🌿 🌺✨


What's Included: 

  • Private or double accommodation

  • Pre and Post immersion support with Noa & Aline

  • All-encompassing nourishment

  • Daily fresh fruits, coconuts, and cold-pressed juices

  • 3 days on liquids only - Watermelon juice, coconut water, or a combination of the two

  • 1 Water therapy session and 1 massage for each participant 

  • Various Yoga and energy cultivation sessions

  • Daily meditation

  • Vocal and sound therapy sessions

  • Spa sessions

  • SELF-care rituals

  • Interactive group sessions

  • Dancing & Laughing

  • Water purification ceremony

  • Pristine Nature

  • LOTS of Fun!


What will we be exploring during our 8 days together?

Nourishing Body, Mind, and Soul
All-encompassing nourishment! Beyond physical sustenance, nourishment extends to the mind, heart, and soul. You’ll In-Joy daily fresh fruits, hydrating young coconuts, cold-pressed juices, and other magical elixirs. As your body will be cleansing, you’ll be sure to find sustenance in the energy of ComeUnity, laughter, and shared experiences.


Juicing and/or water only - Purifying the temple
Your body is a sacred vessel. Through juicing and water-only days, you’ll give your body an opportunity to release on a deeper level allowing even more vitality to surge from deep within your cells while being fully supported and nourished.


Joyful Movement - Rediscover the whispers of your bones, muscles, and breath
Your body is a temple—a vessel for your Soul. Immerse yourSELF in practices that honor it and explore movement as daily prayer - Kundalini, Hatha, and restorative Yoga, dance, intuitive, free-flowing movement, and other energy cultivation practices.

Meditation - Returning Home to SELF
We will have daily silent meditation and Yoga Nidra sessions to help create pathways to pure presence and a doorway to meet your Soul—the silent witness of your journey.
Here, you’ll rediscover the brilliance within and reconnect with your essence—the luminous frequency that U are.

Sacred Stillness  - A Day of Noble Silence
In silence, profound insights emerge. We will dedicate one day in noble silence with no talking, and no use of any devices. Silence & stillness is a potent medicine for transformation where silence becomes a healing balm.


Mind/Beliefs Reprogramming - Crafting New Narratives
Your mind weaves stories—some empowering, others limiting. We’ll have interactive playshops where you’ll get to release emotional baggage, shed the weight of old wounds, fears, and limiting beliefs, and create neural pathways that lead to liberation and living your most fulfilled Life. You’ll be held and guided through transformative processes, allowing heavy baggage to dissolve like morning mist…

Healing Your Relationship with Food - Innerstanding & Transforming Food Cravings
We’ve all been there… We’ve all had (or still have) some version of inner food monsters.
At this immersion, judgment is out the window. Instead, you’ll find support and practical applications to transform these food monsters and strengthen your conviction and devotion to your body temple with more ease.


Nervous System Stabilization & The Art of Relaxation
In a world of so much noise and distractions, it is imperative to be grounded and stable.
To attain and maintain this state, we must slow down, listen to our body, unwind the tension within, and know how to recalibrate our nervous system. You’ll discover the art of true relaxation through somatic practices that bridge the gap between knowing and being so it can be felt in every cell of your body.

Some examples ----

  • Water Therapy Sessions (Watsu) - Diving into the healing embrace of water.
    Water therapy is a unique form of aquatic bodywork used for deep relaxation and nervous system therapy. Watsu provides stress relief on various levels and a sense of peace. It combines elements of muscle and meridian stretching, joint mobilization, Shiatsu, and intuitive movements. The absence of gravity in water allows the body to explore its own movements freely.  Overall, Watsu offers a holistic approach to relaxation and healing, combining physical and emotional well-being.


  • Massages & Spa sessions

  • Music and Sound Therapy - Healing Vibrations
    Crystal bowls, chanting, and vocal sessions where you’ll discover how to use your own voice as a tool to release, heal, and ground into your body.

Amplifying SELF-Love - Returning Home to SELF
Reconnect with your true SELF—the radiant light that resides at your core. Discover the keys to unlock your inner Queendom/Kingdom so U can fully embody the regal essence within U. Learn how to consistently align youSELF with higher frequencies that illuminate your path.

Embrace Your Wild, Precious Soul - Reclaiming Your Primal Magic!
By tapping into your primal nature, you’ll discover a wellspring of sweetness bubbling up from your core—a golden NECATR that nourishes your spirit. You’ll be immersed in sacred ceremonies and practices that allow your Life force energy to flow freely, nourishing every cell of your being and unleashing dormant wisdom waiting to be expressed.


Complete Cellular Upgrade - Awaken Latent Potentials Encoded In Your DNA
Through energy work, body-mind purification, movement, being in nature, and within pure loving presence, you’ll begin to unravel your original DNA blueprint and activate your light body—a vessel for higher consciousness and a wellspring of vitality and joy. 


Embracing Joy & Untaming Your Authentic Essence  
Dance under the moon, sing with abandon, play in the ocean waves, laugh until tears flow, let your inner child shine through, have FUN, and express yourSELF freely! 
In our interactive group sessions, you’ll be able to share with vulnerability and purely BE. You’ll be fully seen, heard, embraced, and celebrated for ALL that U are. Together, we’ll create a space of true joy that will open your heart to receive and embrace joy as the sacred gift that it is; your God-given birthright.

Pre & Post-Immersion Support - Know How to Prepare & Integrate
Insights alone aren’t enough; embodiment is key. Therefore, our commitment extends beyond the 8 days of the immersion. We will meet online before and after the immersion to provide guidance and support. Especially after the immersion, the additional support and group connection will ensure a seamless transition into your transformed Life.


Where will we be staying...

On the beautiful and magical North Shore of Bali - The Island of the Gods (More details to come)...


Meet your hosts - Noa & Aline

Noa Gaia Lakshmi


Noa is a published author, wholistic purification & cellular regeneration specialist, yoga teacher, musician, motivational speaker, and IN-powerment mentor who shows people how to Love themselves into a Life of vitality, radiant well-being, and Soul fulfillment.

She has been guiding individuals for over a decade on the journey back HOME through cultivating the most loving relationship with the SELF, leading to true healing from the inside out. Noa’s guidance is always based on natural laws and esoteric truth which is the driving force behind inspiring others to fully embody our glorious human potential - body, mind & Soul. It is her joy to show people how to reconnect to Nature’s unfathomable wisdom and the body’s innate intelligence to heal and regenerate itself.

Noa is the founder of the SoTeria Foundation which is dedicated to the purification, regeneration, illumination, and liberation of the human race, returning back to our natural state; individually and collectively.

Seeing this human experience as a precious gift, Noa shares a wholistic vision for personal alchemy and global transformation as she invokes the mantra to “BE the change we wish to see in the world," wholeheartedly knowing we are transforming the world with Love one human at a time.

After many years (and probably Lifetimes) of personal experience with living foods, fruits, juices, herbs, fasting, yoga, and other Life-giving tools, Noa is BElighted to share the light of truth with more beings who would like to experience TRUE vitality and ultimately, liberation.

Aline Habib


Aline is a single mom and a fruit-based vegan, on a mission to help others awaken to their divine selves through the path of living foods, fasting, juice cleansing, and sacred plant medicines. She’s been overcoming addictions, depression, anxiety, eating distortions, PTSD, IBS, hormonal issues, and cystic acne naturally.

Aline successfully completed 4 extended juice cleanses (113, 66, 96, 103 days) water fasted for 23 days, and dry fasts regularly to clean her sacred temple and connect deeper to God. She is the living embodiment of vibrant living and is committed to lovingly and passionately sharing the joys of this lifestyle with others. 

Aline hosts a very unique online support community, called the RAWvolution, she is a passionate advocate for fruit and plant medicines and has a YouTube channel called Queen Aline where she shares her journey and interviews brave Kings and Queens from all over the world who are on a natural healing path.

She offers private coaching for those ready to take charge of their health and reach their fullest potential. Aline is a hotelier, entrepreneur, and philanthropist and is currently in the process of creating a holistic healing center and community in Belize!

In this dedicated container, you’ll be able to go deeper & higher than ever before while strengthening your committed devotion to yourSELF and your vibrant health.

Whether U are at the beginning stages or have been living in this way for some time, the group setting and all that is included in this experience will be incredibly helpful and supportive for those who are ready for the next step in their physical-spiritual evolution and would like to have more guidance while being connected with other like-minded, like-hearted beings. 

This is for U if

✢ U would like to experience new levels of vitality and radiance.

✢ U would like to experience an overall feeling of youthfulness regardless of age.

✢ Purifying your body temple is a priority and U would like to have more guidance and support on your path.

✢ U would like to be liberated from food dependencies and discover new ways to nourish yourSELF on all levels of your being.

✢ U would like to feel more confident and IN-powered, free of mind conditioning, toxic habits, food issues, body issues, cravings, and social pressures.

 ✢ U value purity, simplicity & natural laws and would like to integrate these principles into your day-to-day Life with ease.

✢ U are interested in Spiritual Evolution, SELF-realization & living in alignment with Nature.

✢ U would like to unleash your creative genius and experience deep joy, harmony, and fulfillment in every area of your Life.

✢ U would like to embody, live, and thrive in your Natural State as a sovereign being on this Earth.


Knowledge is power but the important key is putting knowledge into action; despite the challenges, social conditioning, cultural traditions, addictive comforts, and perceived limitations.

Purifying your body on a cellular level is a reclamation of your light body and the innate ability of your cells to fully regenerate.

It’s a reclamation of your sovereignty and freedom.

It’s a declaration of Love.

It’s a choice to honor and cherish this beautiful gift of Life in the form of U… 

Ready to soar higher?

Registration details

U can choose between a private room or a double shared room with two single beds.
All rooms come with a private bathroom and shower.

Single room - $3333 / *Early bird - $3100
Shared room - $3100 / *Early bird - $2900

*Early bird rate if U register by September 9th

*A $900 deposit is required to reserve your spot*


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