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The Silent Health Destroyers Series #2 - Supplements

Let’s talk about the concept of deficiencies alongside the use of supplements since it’s so widespread these days…

Deficiencies have nothing to do with ingesting more nutrition but have everything to do with fixing the reason for these so-called deficiencies.

Deficiencies stem from one or all of the following:

🔹Endocrine system disfunction

🔹Organ weaknesses

🔹Clogged up GI tract.


If U have any kind of “deficiencies” then U are most likely constipated - intestinally and cellularly constipated. This kind of constipation has nothing to do with your daily bowel movements. 💩 

The majority of people have an accumulation of feces somewhere along the passageways of the colon. On top of that, there’s also a layer of gunk covering the small intestine walls called mucoid plaque. Mucoid plaque is the result of waste accumulation, a byproduct of eating mucus forming, cooked, starchy, protein-rich, complex, never-meant-to-be-consumed foods.

This gunky layer inhibits the absorption capacity of the small intestine which creates an ongoing state of malabsorption on top of various intestinal issues.

Malabsorption = deficiencies

So no, U don’t need to consume dead animals, protein rich foods (vegan or not), various supplements, or to get periodical injections.

What U want to look at is your small & large intestines (undoubtedly the main hub) and other vital organs and glands; liver, kidneys, adrenals, thyroid, and pituitary gland in particular.

Resolve to root cause and the rest will follow.

Once the underlying issues are fixed, the body returns to it’s proper function. Continue to fill your body with supplements and you’re only preventing the process of restoration.

As long as you’re ingesting all this isolated chemistry, U only adding more garbage that your body needs to deal with and eliminate. This taxes the already weak elimination channels which further exacerbates the underlying issues.

No true healing and cellular regeneration will come if U keep ingesting supplements. U might feel better, even for a long while, but that’s just because these supplements only help to manage symptoms… In actuality, you’re throwing the body into more imbalances while underneath the surface, the real issues are only getting worst; the blow back of that is inevitable (and not fun).

Even eating foods that are supposedly high in any particular vitamins or minerals does not really fix the real issue at the root; even when it appears to make things better…

The internet is filled with a TON of this somewhat false information, including many “experts” who perpetuate the falsehood 🫣 These are nothing but band-aid treatments because it’s based on symptom management, not true regeneration.

A regenerative approach to health brings a much deeper innerstanding —- True healing comes only through REGENERATION of the organs, glands, GI tract, and nervous system (on a physical level).

It’s certainly not a quick fix but this approach REGENERATES & REJUVENATES ALL of U, rather than just a part of U or the symptoms U experience.

Please realize that just like the pharmaceutical industry, the supplement industry (yes, even the so-called ‘healthy’, ‘vegan’, ‘conscious’ one) is a MULTIMILLION industry. In order for those industries to thrive, U must become (and remain) their loyal customer.

But the quick “fixes”, bandaid “solutions” are never the answer…

This is a fundamentally different approach to not only health but Life itself.

Nature doesn’t need U to be her customer… She delights when U delight in her because all she “wants” and does is nourish us.

The equation is simple 👇🏻👇🏻

Following natural laws will always bring about healing and regeneration. The same  natural principles are also the ones that will maintain your supreme health all the days of your Life.

Fruits✨herbs✨fasting✨sunshine✨trees✨streams✨oceans✨rivers✨fresh air✨meditation✨emotional healing ✨joyful movement ✨resting ✨creating✨walking✨laughing✨playing✨singing✨loving


NO THING will ever supplement that.


Always at your disposal.


Or U can keep popping the multivitamin pills from a plastic bottle…

I assure U though, the road to your regenerative health will not be found there.

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