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Remember Eden...?

Mother Nature provides all that humans require in order to thrive and live a Life full of vigor, vitality, radiance, and prosperity.

This beautiful blue rock is abundant and loving beyond measure…

It is and was ORIGINALLY designed to be nothing less than the Garden of Eden.


So how come we’re seeing sickness, deterioration of health, decay, poverty, and strife?

Here are a few reasons for that 👇🏻

👉🏻People’s minds have been taken over and are now controlled by the intellectual/scientific mafia.

👉🏻Humans started destroying, killing, and masking their food (aka cooking) while consuming various plants, animals, animal byproducts, and substances that were never designed for human consumption (calling it food).

👉🏻People have forgotten that they are a species (like every other creature on the planet), meant to consume a perfectly designed food for that species and THRIVE in their highest expression as divine creators.

👉🏻As a result of this collective forgetfulness/amnesia, humans have become confused, misled, addicted, sick, divided, and pretty much slaves in the hands of marketing propaganda, food industries, and medical falsehood.

👉🏻Most bodies walking this earth are filled with a variety of parasites… This means that humans are not only controlled by these microorganisms but their existence on this Earth is also of a parasitic nature.


Yes. Most people live just like the parasites that live inside of them…


A parasite is an organism that lives at the expense of another without making any useful contributions. It derives its sustenance and protection from the host while infecting the host with diseases and toxemia.


Do U see the connection?


Parasite-filled, dis-eased, disharmonious individuals will infect their host/environment with more dis-ease, disharmony, and decay.

Since there is literally a war happening on a regular basis inside people’s bodies, a battlefield of an acidic nature, we see wars constantly happening on the planet…


As within so without.


U want to see more beauty, peace, and harmony on this precious rock?

Then I suggest you start with your body, food choices, Lifestyle, and overall values.


I’ll say it again…


Mother Nature (in service of the master creator) has provided us with everything we require.


No need to overthink it or uselessly attempt to out-smart the innate intelligence of the creator.


Re-align with the




Natural design.


“Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”…




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