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The eyes tell the story…

The eyes are not only a window to the soul but to the entire body; and the two are interconnected.

The soul chooses it’s physical vehicle in order to have a very particular earthly adventure with that chosen body.

Everything that comes with that body is part of the soul’s evolutionary journey - the genetic makeup, inherited weaknesses & strengths, level of lymphatic stagnation, the condition of the endocrine system, emotional & mental tendencies, psychological patterns, and several other factors that influence and shape each individual’s journey.

All of the above (and more) is shown in the eyes…

So if you’re interested to know what the state of your body is TRULY in, having an iridology reading is by far one of the most empowering yet confronting experiences on your human adventure… (and surely eye opening).

No doubt it can be quite shocking and perhaps uncomfortable to realize what is actually going on in your body… It’s confronting to hear what could manifest down the road if U didn’t change some things as soon as yesterday.

However, that could also act as the greatest catalyst of your entire Life… just the right (gentle) kick in the ass U need in order to course correct and align U with a higher, greater, and supremely healthier timeline.

That was one of the most profound catalysts for me.

That one eye reading in which I clearly (and humbly) got to see the shape of my GI tract and the implications it had had on my entire Life from the moment I was born…

So when I was told in that reading - ‘Noa, the answer for U is an extended solid food vacation’, I couldn’t hide from it… it was literally staring me in the eyes. 👁️

I just knew this was the next step.

Did I feel anxious? U bet ya.

Even though I had done different things up until that point, even an extended water fast, I felt shaken and somewhat afraid of the idea of not consuming solid food for what seemed to be (back then) a long period of time.

See, for majority of people, food (and the actual act of chewing food) is associated with safety and comfort. It’s associated with good feelings since we’ve hard-wired our brain in this way for so MANY generations.

When eating food, there’s a very strong chemical reaction that happens in the brain; the release of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin in particular.

We literally get high from it 🤓

Certain foods will produce an amplified chemical response - cooked food, starches, fats, dairy, meat, and certain stimulants like sugar and salt. They all have the same effect as drugs do.

Also, the actual act of chewing, because of the way it moves the jaw and activates the vagus nerve, works as a nervous system stabilizer. It is of course a temporary stabilization but nevertheless, it does the job in the moment.

The combination of those two factors is the reason why the attachments to food, chewing, and eating in general are so freakin strong.

It’s the reason why so many people find themselves in perpetual cycles of over eating (even if it’s “healthy” food), mindless eating, and habitual snacking.

It’s one of the reasons most people are terrified of the idea of putting solid food aside even if it’s only for a few days.

I’ve been there, felt, and done it all…

In this day and age, a large percentage of the population is walking around with an extremely destabilized nervous system. The list of factors that cause this is extremely long but here are a few notable ones:

🔹Toxicity in the GI tract🔹weak adrenals🔹exposure to EMF’s, cell towers, and screens🔹use of detergents, perfumes, and other unnatural scents (all are neurotoxins),🔹artificial lights,🔹wearing shoes most of the time, not having the feet in direct connection with the earth,🔹unresolved trauma (physical & emotional),🔹wounded, neglected inner child🔹habitual stress,🔹shallow breathing,🔹use of stimulants, drugs, pharmaceuticals, and even the excessive use of plant medicines…

When the NS is perpetually unstable, the need to eat (and in many cases, overeat) will be enhanced as a way to bring about temporary relief.

U can be locked into these cycles for years without knowing it’s ruling your eating habits (and food choices just as much)…

The other major players in this equation are your endocrine glands.

When the endocrine system is malfunctioning, (which is the case for most humans at this stage of the game), the body lacks the ability to adequately produce and distributes these ‘good feeling’ chemicals; the same ones we get from eating…

Endocrine glands down = our God given natural and essential chemical flow will be limited or almost none existent for many people.

The result?

Let’s reach for the food to get that kick.… that temporary relief… that momentarily feeling of euphoria.

But it never last…

The nervous system remains destabilized alongside the lifeless state of what is designed to be an electrical, vital, and blissful chemical flow.

The human brain is the most sophisticated chemical factory there is… the body already has all those ‘good feeling’ chemicals in it…

But when the body is full of obstructions, when the GI tract is clogged up and dirty - dirt that infiltrates the entire body AND the brain on a continual basis - that natural flow isn’t flowing…

Those naturally occurring dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin run so low, of course U would reach for the external fixes (in the form of food) just to feel alive again.

So many humans find themselves in these cycles… So many humans are walking around with an array of issues, from minor to major, trying to find answers…

Instead of banging your head against the wall with what seems to be a vicious hamster wheel…

Instead of being exposed to toxic x-rays, MRI’s, and various invasive and harmful tests…

Just get good pictures of your eyes and have them analyzed.

If U are able to put aside the paralyzing fear of facing the truth, indeed, U are in for an eye opening treat…

Not only a treat but potentially, a complete course correction in the direction of your greatest health, vitality, power, strength, vibrancy, youthfulness, joy, light, and peace.

Just like that one Life changing eye reading I received, one that shifted my Life in ways I couldn’t even comprehend at that time…

All the answers are already within (the body)…

The kingdom of heaven is already within (the body)…

Your body can be a doorway to the garden of Eden OR a prison that keeps U trapped.

It’s never too late.

At any given moment U can choose to course correct and put yourSELF on the road straight to heaven.

With eyes wide open, let this moment be


Juicy blessings from my heart to yours 💜

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