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Choose to fully be ALIVE

I remember mySELF as a kid, I would get ear aches and ear infections quite often…

I also started visiting the dentist chair at a very young age.

As a young teen, I started developing severe acne alongside low SELF-esteem and borderline depression.

Later on, that low SELF-esteem and depression developed into major “eating disorders” and inevitably, deeper depression.


All of that before I was even 18…


Since I didn’t know then what I know now, I just thought this was how Life is as a teenager and that it’s inevitable for me to have all these issues because hey, it runs in the family…

Little did I know that all of the above - the ear infections, dental issues, acne, depression, low SELF-esteem, and even the “eating disorders” - ALL STEMMED FROM THE EXACT SAME CAUSE.


The same cause that brings about all dis-eases, dis-orders, and ill-health… 👇🏻

Acidic inner terrain caused by lymphatic stagnation and waste accumulation.


In my case (like many others), I inherited and was dealing with lymphatic stagnation in the department upstairs... When there’s lymphatic stagnation in the head /brain area all the associated glands are going to be affected and therefore weak.

That’s when we’re looking at thyroid and parathyroid issues (depression & low SELF-esteem) and malfunctioning master glands in the brain (more depression, disorders, and various imbalances).

The very same stagnation is the cause of dental issues, acne, and anything in the upstairs department; have it be ears, eyes, sinuses, throat, neck, hair…

Although stagnation in the head area is very much an inherited thing, the number one culprit is a clogged-up, filthy GI tract (which is also an inherited thing). Anything going on in your gut and colon is going to have a direct impact on your head and brain (and the entire body actually).


SO NO, ACNE IS NOT RELATED TO BEING A TEENAGER just like ear infections are not a “normal” part of being a kid.


This world has merely normalized sickness, dis-ease, and the array of symptoms the body shows (such as acne) indicating that the organism is backed up, clogged up, and is needing to shift the internal terrain/chemistry ASAP.


When the root cause isn’t being addressed properly, that acne at 15 is the breast tumor or the cancer or God knows what later on in Life.


It breaks my heart to look back at sweet Noa…

- The traumatizing dental procedures

- The heavy (and extremely toxic) acne medication that only added more fire to the fire

- The many (precious) years she spent in SELF-hatred, SELF-abuse, and dark phases of depression…


All of it could have been avoided. Every single thing on the list. The unsuitable food I was consuming was the very poison causing ALL those issues… How simple is that?


However, I also know, it’s all perfect. Everything I have ever experienced was divinely designed for me to experience. Call it karma or whatnot, I’m very much aware that we each have a very specific and chosen journey.


The perfection is that now, I can speak about and show another way…


Those who are willing to listen and embrace Life’s natural laws are the ones who will pave a new path for themselves, their children, and their children.


If I hadn’t stopped consuming meat when I was 12…

If I hadn’t stopped consuming dairy, eggs, soy, processed sugar, and other crap in my 20’s…

If I hadn’t found the light of truth regarding LIVING foods and FRUITS being the perfect food for humans…

If I hadn’t found the path of regenerative detoxification...

If I hadn’t started implementing fasting and long solid food vacations into my Life (the real game changers)…

If I hadn’t devoted mySELF to cleaning my body and to freeing mySELF from the chains of food addictions, social conditioning, and habitual-generational ill-living…

If I hadn’t chosen to fully LOVE mySELF…


I would be in a MUCH different position now, at 40.


I’d probably be in some serious doo-doo knowing the state my body was in for a big chunk of my Life.


The pics tell the story…


22 years later, I am healthier, more radiant, happier, and most importantly, much more liberated, than that sweet girl at age 18.

All thanks to dedication, faith, perseverance, focus, devotion, and staying true to Life’s natural laws and the guidance within.

All thanks to the incredible teachers in my Life and the doors each one has opened up for me.


Re-aligning with the divine design of nature and dedicating yourSELF to being truly ALIVE will bring about not only supreme health and regeneration but also a newfound sense of liberation…


Liberation from physical pain, discomfort, symptoms, and ailments.

Liberation from any dis-orders, dis-eases, and dis-functions.

Liberation from food addictions, perpetual habits, and unsupportive dependencies - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Liberation from SELF-created and socially imposed shackles.

Liberation from emotional pain, mental chaos, unclarity, and disconnection.

Liberation from the heavy weight that is pulling U away from who U TRULY are…


So just make this one choice today 👉🏻




Learn, purify, regenerate, care, honor, and Love this masterpiece called your body, and remember — it is ONE with the divine design of nature.


The choice is in your hands - to head in the direction of your inherited genetic tree and family baggage OR in the direction of your greatest health, vitality, joy, and glorious human potential.


Which one is it going to be?






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