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True Health Begins With Your Dedicated Commitment

So many people invest SO much of their precious time, energy, and money on treating symptoms without ever uncovering the root cause of their issues.

Anything unpleasant/uncomfortable/painful/inflamed you experience physically, emotionally, and mentally is merely a symptom of a deeper issue.

This is not something your MD is going to share with you. Even many holistic practitioners lack some of the most fundamental (and crucial) innerstanding of what causes issues in the body and how to truly heal them.

HEAL. Not treat.

It’s quite simple. Everything is based on cause and effect therefore there’s ALWAYS a cause prior to experiencing the effect (aka symptoms).

Pretty simple, right?

Anything abnormal in the human body (and that would be anything that is less than supreme health and vitality on ALL levels) is caused by the chemistry that causes malfunction and damage to cells, nerves, tissues, bones, organs, and glands. 

Now, there are only two sides to chemistry - the acid side and the alkaline side.

The acid side is cationic, corrosive, and damages anything it touches. Acidic buildup (which is simply waste buildup) is the reason why the body becomes weak, tight, obstructed, stiff, painful, dry, saggy, and unvital. It is the direct cause of ALL bodily dysfunctions (and that includes emotional and mental issues as well).

Every single issue (and I mean EVERY single issue) in the body can be traced back to a few main causes:

  • Dirty, clogged up, obstructed GI tract.

  • Stagnant and sluggish lymphatic system due to obstructions and/or dysfunctional kidneys.

  • Glandular weaknesses in one or several endocrine glands.

For most people, it’s all of the above to some extent.

Both metabolic AND cellular waste must find its way out through the body’s elimination channels - kidneys, skin, lungs, and colon.

When it doesn’t come out because these channels are blocked, U experience various symptoms that in our world are now considered normal…

It’s not.

Taking supplements, superfoods, medications, natural remedies, vitamins, minerals, etc isn’t going to ever get to the bottom of it.

Nor is energy healing, medicine ceremonies, shamans blowing smoke up your nose, etc...

You might feel better for a little while (because you’re treating the symptoms) but it will come back at some point…

With vengeance.

Some of the modalities above may certainly assist the healing process but they do not address the ROOT cause.

So what does, you may wonder?

It’s called regenerative purification.

It’s the kind of purification that leads to cellular regeneration.

The first step on this path (and an absolute MUST) is removing the acidic chemistry that is damaging your body - stop eating acid-forming/mucus forming foods, thinking acid forming thoughts, and using/applying toxic products; from laundry detergents to skin products and everything in between.

By removing the above out of your Life, U then create the environment for your body and mind to begin the deep process of repair and cellular regeneration. 

In the sea of information and confusion this day and age, what the majority of people consider healthy food is actually extremely acidic, mucus forming, and wasn’t designed for the human organism👇🏻 

Cooked food, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, concentrated fats in the form of oils, eggs, and of course, ALL dairy and animal flesh.

If you’re interested in truly regenerating your body and eradicating the root cause of whatever issues you’re experiencing, then shifting the chemistry you’re ingesting and processing day in and day out is essential.

The most alkaline dominant foods are fruits and vegetables in their RAW, ALIVE state. 

FRUIT is the most compatible food source for the human body because humans are frugavours by nature. 

Fruits are full of LIVING water that hydrate the body on a CELLULAR level.

Fruits are also astringent so they help mobilize and remove lymphatic stagnation and acidic accumulation interstitially and throughout the body; head to toe.

RIPE fruits are the easiest to breakdown, which means they require less energy for digestion and assimilation. That give the body the opportunity to direct more regenerative power to weak and damaged tissues. 

Fruits are filled with electric Life force that feed the nervous system like no other (physical) substance.

Regenerative purification that is based on fruits, herbs, juices, various forms of fasting, relaxation, meditation, and other physical and energetic tools allow the body to purify and regenerate itself over time.

Whether U have inherited systemic lymphatic stagnation from your mother  (which most people have), and/or U have created the issue as a result of Lifestyle choices, it is indeed reversible! 

It’s a simple matter of shifting the terrain in your body from acid to alkaline.

From interstitial dehydration to deep, cellular hydration.

From cellular constipation and stagnation to efficient elimination.

From endocrine and neural weakness to electrical, vibrant inner flow. 

The body-mind is a Self-healing, Self-regenerating organism. 

Our job is to remove the sewage and acidic stagnation so it can once again be the energy efficient vessel it is designed to be; our natural, divine state.

It’s a job many don’t want to take because it’s easier and more convenient to scratch the surface for temporary relief while continuing the perpetuate the harmful food and Lifestyle choices.

Indeed, changing deeply ingrained habits and purifying your entire system require dedicated commitment and a willingness to put all the other BS you’ve been fed with aside. 


When U realize who U truly are,

When U realize what this body of yours is really all about,

It then becomes the guiding light that leads U to the kingdom of heaven - the one within U.

Your body is nothing less but God’s masterpiece.

Treat it with respect, Love, and the right fuel and be astonished.

The price of ill-health is much greater and more painful than that of dedicated commitment to OneSELF.

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