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The Truth about Salt

I made a post on social media a few days ago. The post stated:

Salt is a drug.

ANY KIND of salt.

It slowly but surely dehydrates your body, weakens your adrenals, numbs your taste buds, and keeps U addicted.

Don’t fall for the lies.


This post received so many comments and responses which only confirmed how deep the level of misinformation and confusion amongst humans these days.

After reading the comments, I was compelled to write a longer post explaining in depth what salt is and how come the human body was never designed to consume such a substance.

Here it is... 👇🏻

The body requires ORGANIC SODIUM & MINERALS it does not require (nor can it utilize) INORGANIC ROCK SALT which is Sodium Chloride, not sodium.

Sodium (NA) is an organic mineral found in plants. Sodium Chloride (NACL) is an inorganic compound formed from Sodium and Chlorine (yup, that nasty-smelling stuff in swimming pools).

Inorganic minerals are not utilized by the body (because they’re not living chemistry) and must therefore be eliminated via the elimination channels - kidneys, colon, skin, and lungs; at a great energetic cost.

However, though, considerable amounts of these inorganic minerals do remain in the body, especially in an obstructed body with blocked elimination channels (which is the case for the majority of people).

The accumulation of these un-utilized, un-eliminated compounds crystalizes into clusters that cause a great deal of obstruction - kidney stones, bone & joint calcification (causing arthritis & chronic pain), hardening and blocking of the arteries, high blood pressure, and congestive heart failure; just to name a few.


The body requires LIVING Sodium not salt from dead rocks. It requires LIVING MINERALS which come from LIVING plants but also from sunshine, fresh air, trees, ocean, and alive, pure, natural elements.

There’s nothing nourishing nor Life-giving in INORGANIC MINERALS from rocks; not for the human bio-suite at least. The human body thrives on LIVING chemistry, not dead foods and substances that only suck and deplete Life from our bodies.

Inorganic salt is incompatible with the human body and common sense tells us this. It's why we experience a burning sensation after rubbing salt in the eyes or on a wound.


Many companies and “health gurus” have convinced people that salt promotes hydration… WTF?? How does that even make sense?


Think about it… really.


Salt is used to melt ice and snow (frozen water) from roads... Sodium Chloride is used to preserve food…

Then what effect do U think it has on your (70% water) human body?

Swimming in ocean waters is not the same as ingesting sea salt internally… Have U ever tried drinking sea water?? While swimming in the ocean is a wonderful thing, ingesting it is not.

Naturally occurring sodium is what helps maintain hydration, not inorganic sodium chloride which actually has the complete opposite effect - it dehydrates the body, prematurely ages it, and causes edema (water retention).

Sodium Chloride hardens the arteries, veins & capillaries and causes deterioration of the kidneys, liver, heart, vital organs, and glands, of which the adrenal glands are the most affected.

Living, structured water (H302), found in fresh fruit & veggies, fresh juices, and fresh coconut water, is key to all bodily functions and it's what actually hydrates the body at a CELLULAR level.

Interstitial dehydration is not something that can be “fixed” by adding a pinch of salt to your water as some “health gurus” claim.


Enough with the nonsense.


When I was reading through the comments of the previous post, all I kept seeing was people repeating and regurgitating the same conditioned crap - we need salt to live!


Dios mío… 😫


Confusing NATURAL sodium, electrolytes, cell salts, and mineral salts with the inorganic substance called SALT is sheer ignorance.

Our body requires sodium and other essential electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, and calcium NOT salt - these are all VERY different things.

Sodium occurs naturally in all plant matter, especially things like tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, cantaloupes, figs, and leafy greens.

ALL fruits are LOADED with essential electrolytes. Leafy greens are LOADED with different minerals and mineral salts.


Do U really think the master creator is stupid?? Somehow it forgot to include all these precious electrolytes in the divine, perfectly structured plants of the earth so U would need to buy pink crushed rock in a bag to meet your needs??

A 5-year-old can put the two together but no, many people continue to defend the lies they’ve been told.


Salt companies have definitely done one heck of a marketing job. Advertisers want U to believe that 'artisanal salts’ of various colors contain "trace minerals", however, they fail to mention that these minerals are cooked out and dead and not available for the human body.

They also don’t mention (since it’s bad for business) that consuming salt over-stimulates the adrenal glands causing them to be further weakened.


And guess what? 95% of people ALREADY have weak to extremely weak adrenal glands.


The “health” circles are filled with BS just as much as allopathic medicine. None has a clear and holistic innerstanding of the overall function of the endocrine system and why certain “deficiencies” and conditions appear in the body.

Salt cravings are NOT normal and are a strong indicator of adrenal fatigue.

People now believe that they need salt where in reality (if U were actually interested in addressing the root cause), we need to help the adrenals and other respective glands to function properly again.

That can only be achieved by PROPER detoxification and the removal of substances and stimulants (like salt) that only overstimulate and aggravate the body resulting in slow deterioration, breakdown, and other health complications down the road.


Most people fall for the lies… They don’t want to ever do an overall body cleanup and stop being dependent on all these external things that were never designed to be consumed by humans.

So basically, U could (unknowingly) be on the salt addiction merry-go-round —-using salt as a way to feel better, have more energy, increase BP if it’s low, etc. while perpetuating the root cause of your symptoms 👇🏻

Very weak adrenals and therefore weak neurotransmitters, causing fatigue, low BP, low energy, poor mineral utilization, “deficiencies”, and much more…

Salt may make U feel better because it’s a stimulant just like caffeine, sugar, and other substances. Ingesting salt is no different than taking a pharmaceutical drug - all it does is TREATING SYMPTOMS.

It doesn’t cure,

does not heal,

and it certainly doesn’t bring cellular regeneration of the highest degree.


Whether U want to believe it or not, makes no difference…


Needing or wanting to consume salt is an addiction/dependency.

You’ve wired your taste buds and your brain to crave the taste and the sensation that comes with it. Your weak adrenals have developed a dependency on that substance in order to function.

Remove that substance and they crash…


That sounds like an addiction to me 🙃


Dictionary definition of ‘Addicted’:

Physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, and unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects.


Reading through the comments only confirms how people defend their addictions with as much gusto as they protect their most precious possessions…

The attack, division, and straight-up nasty ugliness that people expressed was somewhat humorous if it wasn’t also quite sad…

I saw people immediately jumping into defending their conditioned beliefs and attacking the messenger… only a few were genuinely curious to expand their horizons instead of mocking, rejecting, or assuming they know anything about the person who’s sharing the wisdom.

The over-intellectualism and mind conditioning is like a wild beast looking to be fed… ‘Show me data!’ ‘Show me the research!’ ‘Show me the scientific proof!’


I’ll give U a “scientific proof” 👇🏻


Mother Nature has provided us with everything we need.


But what have humans done?


They’ve become controlled by the intellectual/scientific mafia,

started killing their food while consuming substances that were never designed for humans (calling it food),

become sick, confused, misled, addicted, divided, and pretty much a slave in the hands of marketing propaganda.

They’ve forgotten that they are a species that is meant to consume a perfectly designed food for that species (like every other species on the planet) and THRIVE in their highest expression as divine creatures.


I’ll say it again…


Mother Nature (in service of the master creator) has provided us with everything we need.


Stop overthinking it, attempting to out-smart it, and dumping “scientific” crap over the innate intelligence of the creator.


Keep it simple. It’s that simple 👌


U can go right ahead with your addiction and adrenal depletion; perhaps we can have this conversation in a few years…

Just remember…

The truth does set us free but it will most likely shock, rock, and confront U at first.

Would U rather be rocked and confronted in the direction of your greatest health or would U rather defend the falsehood that keeps U addicted, dependent, and sick?


Your call ✌️


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