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The Silent Health Destroyers Series: #1 - Sunglasses

This is the first post out of a new series called - ‘The silent health destroyers’

In this series, I’ll be exposing seemingly unrelated factors and how they are linked to declined health, various illnesses, deterioration, and de-generation of the human body.

Connecting dots so the full picture can be seen and innerstood.


Today we are looking at sunglasses… 👇🏻👇🏻


Wearing sunglasses is pretty much a cellular, full body suicide. Blocking your eyes (not just your skin) from receiving full spectrum sunlight on a regular basis is nothing short of detrimental.

There are specific wavelengths of light from the sun that were designed to be received by the human eye. These particular wavelengths, which can only enter through and be filtered by the retina, feed the brain; your pituitary and pineal glands in particular.

The pituitary gland, being the master gland in your body, controls ALL other glands and their vital function. When the master gland is weak, asleep, and starved, it is going to affect the overall function of the entire endocrine system (and therefore the entire body).


Endocrine system down = your health goes down in one way, shape or form - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


The pituitary gland is also responsible for Serotonin production so when it is malfunctioning, depression, spiritual disconnection, hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, and various mental & emotional “disorders” manifest as a result.

Another reason as to why it’s BEYOND ESSENTIAL to get full spectrum sunlight through your eyes is vitamin D production and utilization.

When your eyes receive full spectrum sunlight, it signals your brain that it’s time to be fed by solar nutrition. That signal is then delivered to the skin, to prepare for direct sunlight absorption.

Wearing sunglasses starves the pituitary and pineal glands and tricks the brain into thinking it's dark out. This interferes with the natural signal your skin must register so it can prepare to receive that dose of sunlight; the perfect dose that contains what is needed for vitamin D production.

(Add sunscreen on top of that which blocks your skin even more and oh boy, you’re basically digging your own grave at the beach)… 🙀


Now, the skin is not the only major organ that is designed to receive sunlight for vitamin D production… Did U know that the most efficient way for the body to receive AND convert sunlight into what we call vitamin D is actually through the retina?

But if you’re wearing sunglasses, your retina remains in the dark (literally)… and so does your brain.


No vitamin D supplement is EVER going to mimick this divinely designed, natural system that orchestrates the human organism.

In the long run, supplements only exacerbates the existing disharmony, weaknesses, and state of cellular starvation in your body.

They may help U feel better because they’re managing your symptoms but they do not (and will never) heal and resolve the root cause. In actuality, they only throw the body into more imbalances…

The blow back of that is inevitable (and not fun).


Everything is connected… that’s why I call them the silent destroyers because when the dots are not connected, U would never, ever think that something like wearing sunglasses can be a major contributor to VARIOUS health issues and “disorders”.

But it is. Like many other factors I’ll be exposing in this series.

So come back for the next one and in the meantime…


Ditch the sunglasses (and the sunscreen) and befriend this incredible ball of light -

El Sol/Soul 🌞 Sun/Son of God ☀️

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