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For the emotionally challenged empaths out there…

If U are an empath who’s been challenged by your empathy levels and/or emotional sensitivity, this is for U.

A friend left a comment on a recent FB post I made, celebrating day 120 on juice. She was quite shocked and curious… flabbergasted to quote her exactly.

After seeing her comment, I came across one of her posts in which she shared her experience in this world as an overly sensitive empath… 

That divinely orchestrated chain of events led us to chat a bit over messenger.

She shared with me that she had been feeling the call to embark on a juice cleanse.


No coincidences 😄


I then shared with her that an extended solid food vacation is a complete game changer and will help her shift some of the emotional and mental states she’s been experiencing throughout her Life…

She replied - ‘My empathy can’t be cured by diet though’. 

Well, not necessarily true… 


Allow me to break it down. 👇🏻 

The food U eat is not the only thing but it has EVERYTHING to do with your ability to function and thrive in this world as a sensitive, empathic being.

First, empathy isn’t something that needs to be cured. It is a beautiful gift to be cherished and utilized as a superpower.

However, it may seem like a curse when your empathy becomes a roadblock because it can feel overwhelming or even destabilizing at times.


I was a challenged empath for many years without ever knowing why or what to do about it. I kept encountering the same patterns, believing this is just how Life is for an empath…


It doesn’t have to be.


So what does your food intake have to do with it?

Well, first of all, innerstand that the physical body is connected to the emotional and energetic bodies; one affects the others.

The energy centers (what we call chakras) are connected to each and every gland; our endocrine system. 

When we look at empathy and emotional sensitivities we’re looking at two very important (and crucial) glands called adrenals.

The adrenal glands, located right at the top of your lumber spine, are tightly connected to the emotional body and the 2nd energy center - the sacral chakra (water/emotional element).

When your adrenals are weak, U are going to be emotionally weak.

When on top of that U put a weak pituitary gland (the big boss in your brain that controls all the other glands), U get an emotional mess.


After seeing many eyes, it’s pretty much the case for the majority of people - clogged head because of clogged GI tract (both inherited AND a result of years of clogging, obstructing foods). 

A clogged head = master glands suppression = overall endocrine weakness.

Add stress to this already weak equation, stress which we are exposed to on a regular basis and we wonder why “mental health” issues are skyrocketing??

Most of these “mentally unstable” individuals are merely sensitive souls who have gotten lost in the system without ever finding real solutions.


A strong body with strong adrenals can bear it all but not when your adrenals are very weak and U are deeply empathic.


As an empath, having weak adrenals and/or overall endocrine suppression isn’t good news…


What one may experience when the adrenals and the emotional body are weak?

- Being too much of a people pleaser.

- Attracting narcissists into one’s Life.

- Emotional co-dependency (which much of the time is completely unconscious).

- On-going periods of darkness throughout one’s Life.

- Feeling like it’s difficult to bring forth and express your full creative potential because your sensitivity keeps U in a hiding place.

- Reoccurring feelings that what U sense all around U in this world is unbearable.

- Could have thoughts of suicide because U just don’t want to participate in this worldly, physical game anymore.


These are some potential experiences.


I know it all…


Been there. Done that.

And on the other side of it, I can tell U that changing the chemistry in your body has everything to do with the way U are able to operate in this dense world as a sensitive empath.

When U change the body’s chemistry from acid to alkaline by a proper elimination process, and by shifting your food consumption and certain thought patterns - U then give the body the opportunity to heal and regenerate.


The food that will help U get there?


The simple food that was designed for humans - fruits, tender greens, wild herbs.


The even more essential keys are juicing and fasting if your direction is true regeneration and vital, vigorous health on ALL levels.


In the process of regeneration, your endocrine system begins to function again in the way it was designed to, making U emotionally and energetically stronger while maintaining your sensitivity levels.

Some individuals might need to purify their bodies so they can actually become more sensitive and loving… 

That’s the beautiful thing about this process - not only that it strengthen what is weak but it also dissolves Life long-held walls and barriers one has formed around their precious heart…

But for U loving, caring, giving, sensitive empaths, U get to strengthen your adrenals and power center, rise up, and bring forth your creative brilliance.

Liberate yourSELF from the burdens U feel you’ve been carrying for Lifetimes…

All the spiritual work, breathwork, yoga, medicine ceremonies, energy healing, etc will not bring U to the top of the mountain.


They help. Yes. Quite a lot.


But your body holds the key to the kingdom of heaven.


U must purify. Regenerate. Strengthen. Illuminate. Activate. Return to the Natural State.




U can and will THRIVE in this world as an empath.


We are all here cheering for U 🦋🤩🔥

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