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Align With Nature And The Rest Will Follow

What U don’t (properly) address today, is your nightmare from hell tomorrow (or a few years down the road)…

This can be applied to pretty much everything in Life but in the context of this post, I’m going to focus on health; TRUE health that is ✌️

I saw a friend’s post with the following inquiry:👇🏻👇🏻

“Hereditary breast cancer.

What are holistic ways to prevent this if it runs in your family ?

Ozone therapy is my first on the list …

Curious to insight and wisdom from others who have info on this particular subject.”

End of friend’s post ✔️

Well, yes, I have plenty of insight and wisdom to share on this particular subject. 🤓

Detox properly to get your lymphatic system going and the elimination channels working again in the way they were designed to. No ozone or other therapies will ever achieve that; it might help but it’s merely managing symptoms while keeping things at bay. 

The road to TRUE health is very simple - Fruits, juices, fasting, herbs, emotional healing, resting, relaxation, sunshine, movement, play, radical SELF Love; these are some of the basics.

The body has tremendous regeneration capabilities WHEN given the right environment. Without cleaning your inner terrain (which is more than just doing a periodical juice cleanse), all the other treatments/modalities/supplements/adjustments are only suppressive means, making U believe everything is ok.

Until the blowback hits…

Most people’s lymphatic system is super backed up by old lymphatic waste that the body isn’t able to properly remove due to weak, dtysfunctioning kidneys and dirty, backed up, clogged up colon. Both the kidneys and colon are two of the body’s elimination channels; along side the skin and lungs.

When those channels aren’t working properly and your lymphatic flow is backed up to some degree, there’s waste accumulation in your body. That means that your body is getting more and more acidic by the day (even if U eat “nice and clean”) which means you are, have been, and/or will experience health issues - anywhere from minor to major (all depends on your genetic disposition).

On a physical level, this alone is one of, if not THE number one cause of ALL dis-eases and ailments.

The full spectrum of various symptoms, conditions, and ailments (yes, that includes cancer) can be tracked back to this essential, most crucial process of waste removal in the body; a process which is severely impaired in the large majority of people.

Lymphatic stagnation (which equals acidic waste accumulation) isn’t something you’re going to fix by jumping on a rebounder, undergoing ozone therapy, taking different potions, or whatever the next trend is…

Although rebounding and other practices are definitely necessary and help move the lymph system, doing that without learning AND applying the art of purification will not lead U to vital health; it’s merely postponing the inevitable blowback.

As my friend’s post stated - ‘hereditary breast cancer’… Look at your family genetic tree - this is where you’re heading, dear friend, IF U don’t put a stop to it.

The saying ‘it runs in my family’ is true HOWEVER, U can choose to not run with it.

Why does it “run” in the family in the first place, ever wondered??

Because each passing generation continues to repeat the same programs, emotional suppression, food addictions, eating habits, and cultural foods and traditions that don’t promote vital health.

So as the procreation continues mindlessly, so are the genetic weaknesses and whatever “hereditary” conditions and dis-eases.

Do U wish to dispel that looming cloud of anything hereditary? Do U wish to experience higher levels of health and vitality?

Then U gotta go in and stop jumping around from one trendy treatment to the next.

U go in like a superhero (with a cape on 💪🏻) and address the deeper layers of lymphatic waste stagnation alongside those precious organs and glands which are responsible for removing all that nasty waste.

Become aware dear friend. Develop health sovereignty and put the power back into your own hands.

God has created this masterpiece called your body... It is YOUR responsibility to learn it, care for it, honor it, purify it, and remember that it is part of the divine design of nature. 💯💪🏼☀️

So the answer is quite obvious —

Align with nature and the rest will follow ✌️




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