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What U are not told about root canals, dental issues, and the use of antibiotics

A client of mine has been dealing with a cracked tooth.

She was deciding between getting that tooth extracted vs. doing a root canal.

She’s also been told that she would need to take antibiotics to make sure infection doesn’t set in…

I’m going to share with U what I’ve shared with her since I know so many people deal with dental issues and the use of antibiotics.


First off, avoid root canals like your Life depends on it (because it does). It is one of the most harmful dental procedures in the books and has multiple long-term implications.

If U have existing root canals, I highly recommend linking up with a qualified and knowledgeable holistic dentist who can help U remove all those dead teeth from your mouth; or at the very least, check to see what is their current state.


A tooth that has had a root canal done on it is a dead tooth… So U basically have those dead tissues in your mouth leaking toxicity on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, every single tooth is connected to a particular organ and/or gland in the body via the meridian system. That means that a dead, toxic tooth will have some correlative effect on that respective organ or gland. The opposite is also applicable - a toxic organ or gland may affect the particular correlated tooth/teeth.

Although it’s not ideal to remove ANYTHING from the body (including teeth), extraction is by far a better choice than a root canal IF those two are the only options U have left.


Now, when it comes to those procedures, most dentists (even holistic ones) will prescribe U antibiotics to prevent potential infection.

The use of antibiotics is based on a very false premise that neglects to recognize the INNER TERRAIN as the cause of ANY ill effect in the body - have it be an infection or anything else they so quickly give U antibiotics for.


Infections are not created by “bad” germs and bacteria. They manifest in an acidic body full of waste due to a malfunctioning immune system.


Your lymphatic system = your immune system.

Stagnant, sluggish, obstructed lymphatic system = weak and compromised immune system.


Simple equation.


Clean your inner terrain, KEEP it clean and alkaline, and you’ll never need antibiotics no matter what procedures U might endure in your Life.


Also remember, there are powerful herbs that carry antiseptic and antibiotic properties that can be used when the need does arise or as a preventative tool when U do go through any invasive procedures.

These herbs were divinely designed for the human organism to be utilized for a period of time WHEN needed; not as an ongoing use.


Let’s just say I’ve had a LOOOOOONG history with dental work so I know it inside and out - from root canals to extractions, to implants; I’m no stranger to the dentist chair…

Once I did get on to the truth regarding antibiotics, pharmaceutical drugs, and harmful medical (and dental) procedures, I repeatedly refused the recommended antibiotics they wanted to prescribe me after every procedure I had done.

Not once did I develop any infection, even after an invasive dental surgery in which I had 3 (very rotten) root canals extracted.

Post-procedure, I used herbs, herbal remedies, and fasting.


That’s it.


I recovered quickly and without the added (and unnecessary) damage of antibiotics.


An important side note I must add -

If you’re still consuming acid-forming foods and your body is filled with stagnant waste (which could easily be your case even if U believe yourSELF to be perfectly healthy), then yes, the likelihood of U developing an infection is quite high.


What I’m sharing here IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE.


It is merely a way to raise awareness and dispel the socially accepted myths regarding germs, bacteria, infections, dental issues, and the mindless use of antibiotics.


Antibiotics are NOT the answer.


Taking SELF-responsibility and cleaning your inner terrain is.


Turning to natural botanicals when the need arises, yes.

Not the harmful treatments this world has been bombarded with...


Now, let us explore the big WHY behind dental issues in the first place…

Like all other health-related issues, dental challenges are no different - it ALL stems from the exact same root cause 👇🏻 👇🏻👇🏻

Accumulation of Lymphatic waste to various degrees (acute, sub-acute, chronic, or degenerative) due to blocked elimination channels. This stagnant accumulation causes the body to be systemically acidic which is the number one cause of the deterioration of cells, tissues, organs, glands, and yes, teeth and gums.

It’s not the bacteria damaging your teeth, it’s the acidic environment in your mouth! The bacteria will proliferate in an acidic mouth, yes, but they’re there to clean up the mess, not the culprit for your cavities, tooth infections, and various dental issues.


Those with extensive dental issues (like mySELF) have major lymphatic stagnation in the head area due to a clogged up, filthy GI tract. It’s also very much of an inherited thing - the mama and papa are going to pass their lymphatic stagnation (and the offshoots of that) to their offsprings…


Lymphatic stagnation in the head /brain area could manifest in various ways, not only dental issues. The specifics for each person will depend on the inherited genetic weaknesses.


To no surprise, you’ll see the same issues “running” in the family…


So while Jenny might have dental issues,

Bob has issues with his eyes,

Sarah has ongoing sinus issues,

Linda has severe acne,

John started balding when he was 20,

Laura always had ear infections growing up,

and Bill has had all of the above…


Different effects, ONE common denominator.

ONE cause.


It’s that simple.


I swear it is.


There are various nuances when working with each individual case which requires an individualized approach. However, that doesn’t change the fact that chemistry is chemistry and EVERY effect has a cause; not vice versa.

In order to eradicate the effect (and its long list of different manifestations), locate, eradicate, and shift the cause.

Doing anything else is merely wasting your time, money, energy, and Life force on the merry-go-round of symptom management and surface-level treatments (that only cause harm in the long run).


That’s all they do - TREAT, not HEAL.


Big difference.


When U learn about the destructive effects antibiotics have on your body and realize that it’s all about the inner terrain, U don’t fall for it no more…


U stop accepting, believing, and falling for the lies medical propaganda is trying to feed us.


Knowledge is power 💯✌️


Applying the knowledge sets U free and empowers U to be the SELF healer that U are.💪🏻 🔥


So get on it and In-Joy a Life of supreme health and true vitality from the inside out; minus the antibiotics, fear, and extensive medical bills 😉

Clean house, align with nature, and the rest will follow.



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