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U cannot (and will not) eat your way to supreme health

I don’t live in the world of “diets”.

The constant debate regarding the “right diet” is merely one big distraction. It is not rooted in truth and only continues to perpetuate lies and ignorance.

If U are truly interested in DIVINE truth then there’s another conversation to have outside of the noisy, nonsensical diet debates…

The body, in its NATURAL, PURE state doesn’t need any solid food or VERY little. We are light beings designed to thrive and live for hundreds if not thousands of years WHEN we live in alignment with natural laws and our divine creator.

So the more valuable question to ask is how do we return the body to its natural state - free of obstructions, dis-eases, and various symptoms that, when not addressed properly, lead the human organism to deterioration and breakdown. 

The answer? 👇🏻

Purification and regeneration MUST take place. No other way around it 🤷🏻‍♀️

The food that will provide U with that purification and regeneration power?


Which happens to be the (physical) food that will also sustain U.




When it comes to TRULY CLEANING the body, it’s very simple and there’s a clear path to walk. Anything else (trendy diets, supplements, superfoods, etc) is merely symptom-management to buy time until the inevitable blowback.

I have much appreciation for the raw food and vegan movements out there because they are helping many people to shift and get well; that was a step on my journey as well. Yet, it’s still not based on the full truth. 

Cutting out certain things from your food consumption, and transitioning to eating plant-based, alive, unprocessed food is merely a step in a healthier direction… YES.

However, it won’t take U all the way to complete healing and cellular regeneration.

This is one of the reasons why many people ditch the plant-based or raw food path, even the fruit based Lifestyle, thinking it didn’t work for them 🫣 

The key is not only WHAT we do, but HOW we do it. And when done out of alignment with natural laws, we will surely miss the mark…

All these so-called health movements still perpetuate food addictions, overeating, and overconsuming. Plus, much of the food people consume when following these paths are actually not even remotely healthy - grains, beans, tofu, too much fat, oils, nuts, cooked starches, overload of “superfood” powders, salt; just to name a few… 

So although it promotes somewhat healthier food choices, it doesn’t address the root cause of any ongoing and/or suppressed health issues.

Indeed, healing and regeneration have various components; not just food. But from a food perspective (and for the sake of this post), we’re not going to eat our way to regenerative, supreme health. 

The less we put in, the more energy the body can dedicate to removing the accumulated waste that is obstructing the natural flow of blood, lymph, nerve vitality, and pure Life/Light force.

In nature, when one is sick, one fast AND rest.


It’s that simple. 

Yet we try to dance our way around it expecting to be free of all the waste our body has been bombarded with for GENERATIONS!

And before U raise your hand over there saying ‘I’m not sick’, well, walking around with a filthy colon, lymphatic stagnation, malfunctioning endocrine system, and various “minor” symptoms is not health either.


Gotta face the demons within friends 🥳💪🏻


No consumption (fasting) and extended solid food vacations facilitate high levels of purification and rejuvenation; and not only on a physical level. 

It’s an obvious fact - consume less, rest more, and experience complete healing and regeneration by the grace of God (within U).

What keeps perpetuating the madness in the first place is a fundamental confusion Humans have regarding their food choices… like it’s one big mystery in this universe of infinite intelligence. 🧐

Do U really need to google or read a freakin book about how to nourish your body temple??

Do U truly believe Mother Nature, in service to the ONE divine creator, has placed all these amazing, juicy, vibrant, hydrating, electrifying, beautifying, full of Life fruits and herbs just so they look pretty??


Surely not. ✌️


It’s all part of the divine design…


Align with the divine design and the rest follows; including the return to our Natural State one step at a time.

My North Star is not about the right food plan to follow... It’s not about the number of days I’ve been on juice and how much juice I drink per day… Indeed, valuable information I do share but what’s more valuable to me is FREEDOM.


First by freeing oneSELF from “diet” and “nutrition” myths, food & supplement craze propaganda, and straight-up lies when it comes to medical (and even naturopathic) falsehood. I speak and see too many people going astray and suffering big time as a result of following these wormholes.

It’s true that we don’t know what we don’t know UNTIL we know it… but once more of the truth has been illuminated for us to see, it’s our choice how to proceed.

How much are U willing to stretch the constructs of your habitual, conditioned mind in order to allow every cell of your being to be illuminated by glorious light?

How committed are U to this gift of Life in the form of U?


How free do U TRULY want to be?🦋

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