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Are U an addict...?

I get it.

I so do…

Being attached to certain foods/flavors is something (almost) every single person experiences or has experienced at some point.


When I was living in NY and teaching yoga full time, I taught at a yoga studio that was located right next to a very fancy Whole Foods. 

At the prepared food section of that (drug) store, they had this glazed baked tofu I was obsessed with! (back then I still considered it delicious)… 

Then one day, a dear friend shared with me the detrimental effects of soy and soy products. She presented valid data and encouraged me to look into it.

I listened, nodded my head as a way to show interest, then went straight back to whole foods to get me some of that baked tofu…

Like a true addict. 😂


No matter how much U tell a drug addict that the drug they’re using is poisonous, making them sick, and will eventually kill them, they don’t want to listen; they would do anything for a fix…


It’s always (somewhat) of an amusing experience when I speak with people and explain why and how certain foods and substances are directly linked to their various health issues.

When I clearly break down the adverse effects their daily consumption choices have on their health — yet they still have a very hard time stopping or accepting the removal of those items —- that’s an addiction.

A drug addict just wants the drug (or more correctly, the FEELING they get when consuming the drug) so they don’t really want to hear what it is you’re sharing with them… 

All they hear and see is a threat to their (false) high and everything that comes with it.

Defending and justifying the very things that are causing harm just so U can keep on consuming them is being a slave to those food dependencies/addictions. 

They (not U) control the show.

Let’s not fluff it around… We can easily call it an addiction when one chooses to hold on to certain foods and behaviors (no matter how detrimental they might be) instead of choosing to attain supreme health and vitality beyond measure.


In my case, during the baked tofu addiction days, I wasn’t extremely ill or had any major health issues (at least on the surface). That’s why the information my friend shared with me didn’t grab my full attention… (or any attention).

The baked tofu addiction was certainly stronger than any of the important information I had been presented with.

Little did I know though that underneath the surface there were various issues I needed to address; seemingly unrelated symptoms.

Those issues only kept on growing silently while I was consuming certain foods that I (wholeheartedly) believed to be good for my body.

That’s the case for so many people…

They perceive themselves to be healthy just because they haven’t been (wrongly) diagnosed with whatever label the medical world has come up with.

In actuality, all those “minor” and “normal” symptoms people experience and have been experiencing since childhood are merely a buildup towards a more severe issue or a breakdown; have it be Life-threatening or not.

Now, even if a major dis-ease or a breakdown isn’t on the horizon for U, is it really that much fun to experience ongoing discomforts, have them be physical, mental, or emotional? 

And why even wait for that blowback? That point in which your miraculous body temple cannot bear the abuse anymore so it starts breaking down or shutting down?

If I put a gun to your head and said - ‘if U eat or do this thing, I’m going to shoot U right here and now’…

Would U still do it?

Even a drug addict would probably pass on that one fix in order to skip the bullet in their head. (or maybe not)…

It might not be a bullet but more like a slow suicide with the continuous ingestion of foods/drinks/substances that were never designed for the human bio-suit and are only causing gradual deterioration and dis-ease.

Slow death instead of a quick bullet.

Just to put things in perspective.

(and to be clear, it’s not only food choices but anything that doesn’t support your well-being).


So when it comes to making choices, 

choosing ALIVENESS, HEALTH & VITALITY over dullness, deterioration & ill-health,

it’s merely a matter of priorities.

Choosing between what your taste buds/habitual patterns/addictions/parasites want NOW vs. what U, 

the great, true U want MOST.


Is a momentary taste sensation really more valuable to U than your (supreme) health?

Is perpetuating habitual eating patterns really that much more exciting than experiencing a Life of extraordinary vitality?

Do U really In-Joy having aches and pains, various symptoms, and different health issues come up periodically? 


Don’t U have better and more fulfilling things to do than blood tests, doctor visits, X-rays, and searching the net for the latest food allergy or diagnosis you’ve been given?

Surely there are better uses for your financial resources than the ongoing purchase of unnecessary supplements, pharmaceuticals, (incompatible) food items, superfood powders, treatments, gadgets, etc… (because all they do is nothing but managing your symptoms).

Can U imagine yourSELF being completely and utterly free of all of that?

The symptoms, the bodily discomforts, the addictions, the lies you’ve been fed, the crap that doesn’t (truly) nourish U, the fear to see the light of truth…


Truth does set us free but will most likely shock, rock, and confront us at first. 

Just like the truth I was confronted by regarding my precious baked tofu 😂

Would U rather be rocked and confronted in the direction of your greatest health or would U rather defend the falsehood that keeps U addicted, dependent, and sick?


The road to true (and supreme) well-being is very simple but yes, it might be confronting initially…

Guess what though? sometimes, the best things in Life do challenge us at first…


And so, 

if TRUE health is indeed a top priority for U…

If you’ve been going around in circles trying to find answers to your “mysterious” symptoms and persistent health conditions with no avail…

If you’re willing to take SELF-responsibility regarding your well-being and therefore do the necessary deep house cleaning, physically AND emotionally…

If are able to dissolve the false programs you’ve been told, sold, and fed for generations…

Then please allow yourSELF to be rocked and shocked.

That initial shock will fade away only to reveal the promised (and spectacular) land of your greatest health, prosperity, peace, and joy.

Those confronting realizations will pave the path to the glorious kingdom of heaven within U…

The rocking of the boat will stabilize at some point, so U may smoothly sail into the vast sea of your greatest horizons…

This is your birthright as a divine child of God…


So let’s rise up, power up, and be free.



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