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Welcome HOME beloved…

We are here to show U how to NATURALLY heal and regenerate yourSELF on a cellular level so U can experience TRUE Health, SUPREME Vitality, and RADIANT Joy; all the days of your beautiful, precious Life.

Discover essential and practical tools to help U clean out your GI tract, balance your endocrine system, stabilize your nervous system, reverse and prevent “dis-eases”, elevate your mind, and awaken to your divine & glorious human potential - 
Alive, Pure & Simple

Are U ready for a cellular upgrade?


“...The next chapter of this was stepping into the Re-vitalize group immersion. This group not only changed my life but impacted those around me in such a positive way. I was able to learn so much from Noa and her support is one of a kind. Her devotion to healing people collectively is something I hadn’t truly witnessed firsthand before. The level of attentiveness she provided for each of us was deeply felt. My mind, body, and soul thank you for all of it. This is something I will carry with me for life. It literally restructured the frequency and vibrations of my cells. I now have a deeper connection to my body because of it. First time I ever truly invested in my health at this magnitude. Bless your life dear sister!”

Kristina Dasilva

Hi! My name is


I am holistic purification & cellular regeneration specialist, a SELF-empowerment mentor, and the founder of the SoTeria Foundation.

The SoTeria foundation is dedicated to the purification, regeneration, illumination, and liberation of the human race, returning back to our natural state; individually and collectively.

It is a joy for me to guide and support “others” on the path of cellular regeneration & illumination by connecting back to Nature and its unfathomable wisdom. My guidance is always based on natural laws and the innate intelligence of the body to heal and regenerate itSelf.

After many years (and probably Lifetimes) of personal experience with living foods, fruits, juicing, herbs, fasting, yoga, and other Life-giving tools, it is an honor to share with more beings who would like to experience TRUE vitality and ultimately, liberation.


Join the Re-Vitalize your Life ComeUnity on FB!

 As a member of this group, you'll discover how to regenerate and upgrade your body (and Life) through simple yet effective ways resulting in long-lasting wellbeing from the inside out. You'll be inspired to prioritize your health, create a 'Self-caring Lifestyle', and make choices that support your well-being and the well-being of our planet and future generations.

Everything that is shared in this group is based on the natural principles of Life which are the higahest source of intelligence and the guiding light to bring us back to our natural state.


Master Your Life with Love - The Book

Master Your Life with Love is a book whose very foundation is built upon radical Self-Love that catalyzes personal healing and collective evolution. The wisdom and insights in this book will benefit both those who have established daily practices and also those who are ready to begin a new journey toward Self-Love and well-being. This book is a heartfelt and spiritually pragmatic guide to developing a deeper understanding of one’s divine nature as a human being and thus, live a more meaningful and fulfilling Life.


Alive, Pure & Simple

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