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From Purification
to Liberation


Living & Thriving in our Natural State

This is an invitation to experience a complete new sense of vitality and freedom on all levels of your being.


Join us for a magnificent adventure of cellular Regeneration, Optimization, and ReVitalization.


This will be a 4-month immersive adventure, beginning Feb 11th.

The immersion will consist of:

❂ 10 days preparation phase: 

Before starting our 90-day SFV (Solid Food Vacation), we will be focusing on preparing the body and mind for the journey by consuming only fruits, juices, smoothies, and some salads. We'll be strengthening your internal SELF-Love muscles, paving the way to an ease-filled experience.


❂ 90 days of a SFV *Going lighter and brighter*

During this time, we will be consuming only liquids in the form of juices (the main bulk), distilled water, herbal broths, and herbal teas. Additionally, we will be practicing no-consumption windows on a regular basis (daily, weekly, and monthly) 

❂ 14 days transition & integration phase: 

Properly transitioning back to solid food and establishing supportive habits that will be your new foundation for a healthy, vibrant, vital, and radically SELF-loving Lifestyle.


Why 90 days of a SFV??

Did U know that your GI tract is 9-12 meters long and that every one of us has inherited the (already unhealthy) condition of our parents' GI tract and lymphatic system?

Most people’s GI tract has sustained years of abuse (starting from infancy in most cases) through the consumption of mucus-forming, acid-forming, clogging foods (meat, dairy, eggs, grains, beans, starches, cooked food, oils, and dense fats).

The result of this scenario is the accumulation of toxic matter in the small intestine called mucoid plaque. This black rubbery shit (literally) is one of the leading causes of many (and even all) conditions; from minor, seemingly unrelated conditions/symptoms to major sickness and dis-ease; because EVERYTHING in our body, every organ and gland is connected to the gut tissue.

Parasites and other unwanted microorganisms live in that nasty stuff. They attach to your nerve endings and literally control your mind and obstruct clarity. This has major emotional, psychological, and mental implications. On a physical level, they cause U to crave the very foods that make U sick… and somewhat addicted.

Clean your colon and the rest will follow...

My first extended SFV of 93 days was an absolute game-changer in every single way... It was by far one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given mySELF - a deep cleaning of not only the colon but my entire system. It is not something I’m able to fully convey in words… it’s the kind of transformation that can only be experienced; a very profound (and juicy) one. 

Seeing what comes out of the body (which is quite shocking) is a very strong motivation!

Knowledge is power but what is more powerful is putting knowledge into action; despite the challenges, social conditioning, cultural traditions, addictive comforts, and perceived limitations.

Purifying your body on a cellular level (by cleaning the gut and lymph) is a reclamation of your light body and the innate ability of your cells to fully regenerate.

It’s a reclamation of your sovereignty and freedom.

It’s a declaration of Love.

It’s a brave choice in a mad society who has been brainwashed to believe in diseases, decay, unnecessary tests, and suppression of all kinds.

It’s a choice to honor and cherish this beautiful gift of Life in the form of U… 


In this dedicated container, you’ll be able to go higher than ever before while deepening your committed devotion to yourSELF and your vibrant health.

This is not another cleanse or a way to lose weight… Although it’s part of the experience, this immersion is designed for those who are interested in cellular regeneration and liberation from mind conditioning, toxic habits, food issues, body issues, cravings, and social pressures.


Since this is about creating a nourishing Lifestyle, U will be lovingly invited and encouraged to implement other elements that will be offered - various yoga practices, meditation, pranayama (breathwork), enemas and other purification methods, noble silence, technology-free days, barefoot walking, sun-bathing, and more…

Regardless if U are at the beginning stages or have been living in this way for some time, the group setting will be incredibly helpful and supportive for those who are ready for the next step in their regenerative evolution and would like to have more guidance while being connected with other like-minded, like-hearted beings. 



“...The next chapter of this was stepping into the Re-vitalize group immersion. This group not only changed my life but impacted those around me in such a positive way. I was able to learn so much from Noa and her support is one of a kind. Her devotion to healing people collectively is something I hadn’t truly witnessed firsthand before. The level of attentiveness she provided for each of us was deeply felt. My mind, body, and soul thank you for all of it. This is something I will carry with me for life. It literally restructured the frequency and vibrations of my cells. I now have a deeper connection to my body because of it. First time I ever truly invested in my health at this magnitude. Bless your life dear sister!”

What will be explored and implemented along the journey...

❂ The art and power of regenerative purification using juices, fruits, herbs, and non-consumption days (fasting).

❂ Psychological, emotional, energetic, and physical roots of food cravings, addictions /attachments/dis-orders and how to become free of them.

❂ Deeper innerstanding of the subconscious mind and how to effectively remove hidden resistances that might be hindering your greatest aspirations and health vision.

❂ Yoga and Pranayama practices to purify the body-mind and energy pathways.

❂ Energy cultivation tools to anchor in a new state of being and an elevated state of mind.

❂ Intuitive, free-flowing movement as medicine.

❂ Meditation and the practice of silence on a consistent basis.

❂ The art of conscious relaxation as a direct path to complete regeneration & illumination.

❂ Tools for empowerment and how to stay devoted to your Life's temple while maintaining a committed Mind-Heart set.

❂ Physical, mental, and sexual purity and why it is essential to your wellbeing.

❂ DNA reconstruction - returning to our Divine LightBody blueprint; our Natural State.

❂ Unifying discipline and gentleness - integrating radical SELF-Love into daily Life as a doorway to your greatest fulfillment and liberation while in a physical body.



"First and foremost what I received from you is an example of what it feels like to be shown unconditional love and support from a total stranger which was very inspiring. I don’t think i’ve experienced such authenticity from a professional container like this in the past...

I’ve gained a greater understanding of how this vehicle of mine operates and how I need to care for it in order to obtain optimum physical wellness. I’ve felt what it means to release stagnant energy trapped in the body since childhood or even earlier. And i’ve grown closer to trusting in my own intuitive powers to be my own healer.

I have so much gratitude to you, Noa, for guiding us all on this journey with such openness and honesty. This has been my biggest catalyst for development in the past 18 months and I have you to thank for that! May you continue to shine that light for us all."

This is for U if:

✢ U would like to experience new levels of vitality and radiance.

✢ U would like to have better digestion, glowing skin, and an overall feeling of youthfulness regardless of age.

✢ Purifying your body temple is a priority and U would like to have more guidance and support on your path.

✢ U would like to be liberated from food dependencies and discover new ways to nourish yourSELF on all levels of your being.

✢ U would like to feel more confidence and a new sense of empowerment.

 ✢ U value purity, simplicity & natural laws and would like to integrate these principles into your day-to-day Life.

✢ U are interested in Spiritual Evolution, SELF-realization & living in alignment with Nature.

✢ U would like to unleash your creative genius and experience deep joy, harmony, and fulfillment in every area of your Life.

✢ U would like to embody, live, and thrive in your Natural State as a sovereign being on this Earth.


The journey begins on

  Feb 11th, 2023

✢ One Live zoom meeting at the beginning of our prep phase - you'll be given guidelines, recipes, and tips on how best to prepare. 

✢ Live zoom meeting every week once we begin the SFV.

✢ Bonus sessions with guest facilitators.

✢ Meditation, pranayama, and various practices to support U in your day-to-day Life.

✢ Extensive library of resources to assist your regeneration journey and the continuation of this Lifestyle in a sustainable and successful way.

✢ Access to ongoing support on Telegram - be a part of a ComeUnity of like-minded, like-hearted beings where you'll be held, seen, and guided every step of the way.

✢ One-on-one sessions with Noa for a reduced price.


Your investment in yourSELF:

*3 payments of $520 or one payment of $1500*


**EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (until Jan 29th)**
3 payments of $500 or one payment of $1444

About Noa
& the SoTeria Foundation


I am a holistic purification & cellular regeneration specialist, a SELF-empowerment mentor, and the founder of the SoTeria Foundation.

The SoTeria foundation is dedicated to the purification, regeneration, illumination, and liberation of the human race, returning back to our natural state; individually and collectively.

SoTeria in Greek means health expressed as Wholeness and unification of body and soul. It represents restoration to a state of safety, soundness, and well-being as well as preservation and salvation from destruction.

My name, Noa, means FREEDOM in Hawaiian which is and has been my driving force throughout my Life on this Earth...

The SoTeria Foundation is built upon 4 essential pillars:

❂ Purification - Purifying all bodies (physical, emotional, mental, energetic) through holistic detoxification methods and the art of fasting.

❂ Regeneration - Regenerative restoration of the body all the way to the cellular level (and beyond).

❂ Illumination - Enhancing the light of consciousness within through Life-force cultivation practices and radical Self-Love.

❂ Liberation - Experiencing ascension while in a body by living in a state of unity and inner peace free of physical and emotional-mental baggage.


I’ve been on the purification and regeneration path since 2009. Although I’ve had some deviations along the way, at the core of my being, I’ve consistently remained a passionate fruit lover and an advocate of the natural hygiene Lifestyle.

After completing a 21-day water fast in 2020, I was exposed to the reality of pranic nourishment which many people have actually been living for ages... I immediately saw my trajectory as this reality resonated with me on a very deep level and, unknowingly, has been an intuitive knowing I’ve carried from an early age.

Following that particular water fast, I also discovered dry fasting which I have been practicing ever since. I now see and approach fasting not as a discipline but as a way to bring us home to our innate Natural State as hue-man beings; the way God intended.

Yoga and meditation have been and continue to be a constant pillar throughout my transformation journey ever since I began practicing and teaching yoga in 2004-2006. As a dedicated yogini, I am inspired and delighted to share the undiluted wisdom and power of these teachings as a way to purify, regenerate, illuminate, and liberate.

Making this path more comprehensible, accessible, practical, and Joy-Full, has become an integral piece of the SoTeria foundation’s vision ------- the elevation and liberation of

It is a joy for me to guide and support “others” on the path of cellular regeneration & illumination by connecting back to Nature and its unfathomable wisdom. My guidance is always based on natural laws and the innate intelligence of the body to heal and regenerate itself.

After many years (and probably Lifetimes) of personal experience with living foods, herbs, fasting, yoga, and other Life-giving tools, it is an honor to share with more beings who would like to experience TRUE vitality and ultimately, liberation.



"My experience participating in Revitalize 2021 immersion exceeded my hopes and I found working with Noa Lakshmi and the group of committed participants to be so empowering on my journey to 'well-ville’. The best way I know to describe Noa is as a fountain of Life who is incredibly compassionate but always ready to challenge you to the next level of where you currently are. My biggest takeaway from this journey was gaining the confidence and courage to go on a longer dry fast and thereby face the fears that have sabotaged my journey for too long. I can't thank Noa and the group enough and hope that I can experience more in the future!"

Ready for new heights?

“If we can all value and master the power we hold as hue-mans, use it wisely and with the highest integrity, we then have a real chance of elevating humanity and living heaven on Earth.”

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