What is a SFV - Solid Food Vacation


Did U know that your GI tract is 9-12 meters long and that every one of us has inherited the (already unhealthy) condition of our parents' GI tract and lymphatic system?

Most people’s GI tract has sustained years of abuse (starting from infancy in most cases) through the consumption of mucus-forming, acid-forming, clogging foods (meat, dairy, eggs, grains, beans, starches, cooked food, oils, and dense fats).

The result of this scenario is the accumulation of toxic matter in the small intestine called mucoid plaque. This black rubbery shit (literally) is one of the leading causes of many (and even all) conditions; from minor, seemingly unrelated conditions/symptoms to major sickness and dis-ease; because EVERYTHING in our body, every organ and gland is connected to the gut tissue.

Parasites and other unwanted microorganisms live in that nasty stuff. They attach to your nerve endings and literally control your mind and obstruct clarity. This has major emotional, psychological, and mental implications. On a physical level, they cause U to crave the very foods that make U sick… and somewhat addicted.


Clean your colon and the rest will follow...

My first extended SFV of 93 days was an absolute game-changer in every single way... It was by far one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever given mySELF - a deep cleaning of not only the colon but my entire system. It is not something I’m able to fully convey in words… it’s the kind of transformation that can only be experienced; a very profound (and juicy) one. 

Seeing what comes out of the body (which is quite shocking) is a very strong motivation to go the distance!

Going the distance means that U remain on juice (drinking ONLY juices) until U are no longer pooping old waste; U no longer have any old, uneliminated waste inside your gut.

It may take more than 90 days and in many cases, it takes multiple extended SFV. However, an initial 90-day SFV is a great start and the most effective way to clean out & hydrate your GI tract.

By going the distance, U are going to give your entire body the opportunity to purify, hydrate on a cellular level, and pave the way to a full system regeneration and a true REBIRTH...

Our SFV private & group immersions show U how to effectively and safely eliminate all that nasty stuff that is affecting your body, mind, and emotions. You'll be walked through the entire process, from preparation to proper transition, giving U the knowledge, accountability & guidance U need to complete this Life altering journey and reach the top of the mountain where U can live as your TRUE & RADIANT SELF!

"Over the course of 18 months, I've completed three different SFV with Noa, with the most recent being a 90 day “Juicy Island” getaway!  What I’ve learned has been amazing.  It’s been a life altering experience for me.  I have no doubt that God led me to Noa.  She has helped lead me to the true light.  I’ve gained so much clarity, mindfulness and HEALING! 

After my very first SFV, I was able to get off of ALL of the 17 medications that I took daily.  With her coaching, I have learned about all the harmful things and toxins that I had been exposing my body to my entire life.  Noa coached me on how to clean up my gut, how to get rid of and reduce the toxic levels of acidosis in my body and how to properly detox those toxins out.  In return, I’ve gained way more than I could ever give back. 

Noa has poured out her heart and soul on this journey with me and the others in the groups that I’ve joined.  She is a true angel on this earth.  I believe many are called, but Noa has been chosen for this season to help shed light and bring natural healing to a dying and sick world.  A true Pioneer and healer that from experience, is sharing the truth. 

I could go on and on about ALL the many benefits of partnering with Noa on my healing journey, but I’ll end it by saying this, the knowledge I’ve gained, the regenerative and transformative health that I’ve gained, the mental clarity, the vitality and new found energy I’ve gained has been PRICELESS and I could never in a million years pay enough for all I’ve received in return.  I got my health back, I’m a completely different person, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Thanks a MILLION Noa! 

-Pamela Ravare-

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