Glorifying sickness IS NOT SELF-Love

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I’ve been seeing this growing trend of women glorifying what they call “sexy curves”… Photos are being posted on social media stating how much they accept and Love their bodies despite the extra layers.

Although I fully support the mindset of Loving and accepting OneSELF, no matter the shape or size, let’s look at what that extra cushioning really is… beyond the superficial level.

That extra fat, cellulite, muffin tops, and flabbiness, these are all physical manifestations of toxic storage… of water retention… of lymphatic stagnation…

In simple terms, it’s a sign of sickness.

Since the body stores toxins it cannot eliminate in fat cells (also called Adipose tissue), any excess body fat is merely an external manifestation of inner toxicity.

The prevalent phenomenon of having a puffy-looking body (not necessarily fat) is also an external manifestation of inner toxicity in the form of inflammation and/or edema (all caused by systemic acidosis).

To clarify, I’m not only talking about obesity or extreme overweight. This applies to anyone who has those extra layers of fat and/or puffiness to whatever extent.

For example, I was never “overweight” but I had periods in my Life in which I looked quite puffy… (see attached pic). Plus, I always had more fatty layers around my belly which I couldn’t figure out!

No matter how “healthy” I thought I was eating, or how much I “worked out”, that slight belly fat was persistent.

Little did I know….🀨

So yes, I’m the first one to encourage Loving and accepting yourSELF for who U are and where U are at any given moment; this has been a huge piece on my personal journey… Being gentle and kind with ourselves is a must.

However, don’t let acceptance replace SOBER awareness of what’s actually going on and what is the ACTUAL loving action to take; perpetuating sickness isn’t it.

Knowledge is power my friend✌️

SELF-Love is not saying - ‘I accept my body as it is although I’m overweight or unnaturally puffy’…

SELF-Love is DOING something about that toxic load.

ACTION in the direction of your greatest well-being and human potential is the higher expression of what we call SELF Love…


By defending those “sexy” muffin tops and oversized ass, you’re basically accepting that your body is a living waste storage vessel.

It’s equivalent to accepting an abusive and unhealthy relationship, saying that U just accept the way your partner treats U because U Love them…

That’s not Love!

Love will get the heck out of any situation that isn’t caring, nourishing, respectful, and nothing but the most supportive to your truly healthy, vibrant Life.

Keeping all that junk inside your body while continuing to add more junk in various food forms is nothing short of abuse… an unhealthy, toxic relationship.

Then, just like a “loving” wife defends her abusive partner, women now defend the external manifestation of that internal toxicity by worshiping it and saying ‘I accept my body as it is…’



This is NOT a personal criticism of anyone’s body shape.

Accept your body as it is but get the heck out of that abusive relationship… stop defending the abuser without taking action in the direction of your greatest wellbeing.

A TRULY healthy body will NEVER appear puffy nor carry around any excess fat; that is just a fact.

A TRULY healthy body will ALWAYS be youthful, fit, strong, flexible, radiant, and vital; NATURALLY, from the inside out, and without the obsessive compulsion or even the need to “workout”, burn calories, get those firm abs, or whatever crap we’ve been sold.

Because yes, our society has completely distorted body image, for both men and women. Worshiping photoshopped images and obsessing over fit bodies is just as sick and obscured. It’s all based on surface-level attention.

U are led to focus and be distracted by those false ideas and external images while the pit of snakes in your belly is growing stronger by the day; literally.

An entire industry is now built on the concept of ‘weight loss’ - just another trick to allure people into stupid trends… The term itself - ‘losing weight’ is completely false to begin with!

It’s not about losing anything! πŸ˜†

It’s about releasing and shedding all that accumulated, stored toxicity so U can actually GAIN health.

TRUE & VIBRANT health.

The same thing applies to those who would like to increase their body mass — focus on cleaning house rather than on eating more “calories” and taking unnecessary supplements; doing that will lead U nowhere…

Any body-mass issues - have it be challenges with shedding weight or the opposite, putting more HEALTHY weight on, correlate to some endocrine weaknesses and/or malabsorption that stems from a dirty GI tract.

Focus your attention on gaining TRUE health and watch your body shape-shift in the most miraculous ways.

Your unique body will find its own ideal weight once it’s been cleaned out SUFFICIENTLY enough.

Rest assured though, there won’t be any muffin tops and flabbiness on that body.πŸ‘Œ

Each body does have its own unique shape and size, yes. Some, do have a “bigger” or “fuller” frame. However, that’s not the same as carrying extra layers of body fat and puffy inflammation.

It’s so interesting how people are quick to say to someone - ‘wow, you’re so skinny’, but they will never say to someone - ‘oh you’re quite chunky’ or ‘wow, U look puffy and inflamed’.

It’s a social taboo…

In actuality though, it’s not about the appearance of the person but the fact that the extra baggage on their body indicates sickness.

When getting on a flight, U will need to pay extra for any excess weight - the more U have, the more U pay.

Well, the same thing applies to your body… only the price U pay for all that extra junk is much, much higher than a few extra bucks.

So while accepting, honoring, respecting, and seeing ourselves and everyone else as a beautiful creation of the divine, let us remain aware and undistracted by falsehood and shiny, trendy objects.

U are a beautiful child of God… regardless of your size.

But it’s time to sober up, know what’s up, power up, and travel light πŸ’ͺ🏻

Juicy cheers to your vibrant health πŸ‰

From my heart to yours πŸ’œ



Join us for a magnificent adventure of cellular Regeneration, Optimization, and ReVitalization.



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